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How to Apply

Although the enrollment process varies based on your home university's requirements and your financial needs, the following process provides a general overview. Please note, early application is advised to secure your place in our program and to increase your chances of obtaining your first-choice host institution. We have a rolling admissions process, which means applications can be submitted anytime. You should be notified of your application status within one to two business days for on-line applications and one to two weeks for mailed applications.

Step 1: Review our information and select preferred host institution(s)

You will want to review our web site to learn about our partner universities, available areas of study and the overall enrollment process. Reviewing the courses will help you narrow your host university choices. You may apply to two programs with your initial application and can make changes later in the process if time permits.

Step 2: Submit your application and official transcripts

You will need to submit your application and official transcripts to officially start the process. You can apply on-line using our Virtual Application Manager (VAM). In addition to the transcript for our records, you will need to submit an official transcript for each school to which you apply. Transcripts must be mailed to our US office.

Upon acceptance into the proram, a $500 refundable deposit is required. Once we receive your official transcripts, access will be granted to Part 2 of your virtual application, where you will complete the next step of the enrollment process.

Step 3: Select final-choice host institution/courses and obtain approvals

From the initial application, you will need to select your first-choice host institution and course load, with the assistance and approval of your Education Abroad Network Enrolment advisor and home institution advisors. Be sure to select alternative courses in case your preferred choices are not available. Once you have made your selections, you will submit them using the Course Selection Form found on your virtual application. The Statement from University (also found on your virtual application) should also be completed at this time by your academic or study abroad advisor.

Step 4: Explore travel, housing, orientation (and possibly internship) options

With the assistance of your Education Abroad Network advisor, you will finalize housing, pre-semester excursion options, orientation selections and flight bookings. If you are interested in an internship during your time abroad, this is the time to explore that option.

Step 5: Complete student visa application process

We will provide you with complete instructions and assistance as you begin the sometimes complex and time-consuming process of applying for your student visa.

Step 6: Send signed contracts and submit final payment

As you near the end of the enrollment process, you will need to review and sign our program contracts. Final payment will also be due at this time.

Step 7: Receive final pre-departure information

We will provide you with final pre-departure information and helpful tips before you leave for your study abroad university.

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