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Chiang Mai University

University Facts

  • Chiang Mai University is a public research university in northern Thailand founded in 1964. The university was the first institute of higher education in Northern Thailand, and the first provincial university in Thailand.
  • The university boasts a pleasant campus with verdant parks and a mixture of modern and older buildings. Many students travel around campus by bycycle or scooter. Alternatively, students can travel from class to class on the free university shuttle.
  • The main campus, and the location of the TEAN Thailand program, is located at the base of Doi Suthep, just five kilometres from the city center, and is spread over 725 acres.
  • The location, in a vibrant student district, is adjacent to Chiang Mai's trendy shopping and restaurant / nightlife district along Nimmanhaemen Rd.
  • Student services include: University ID; dining facilities; extensive modern library; computer labs; sports and recreation facilities, including soccer fields, basketball courts, swimming pool, volleyball, rugby, softball, badminton, and table tennis facilities; student societies; sporting clubs.

Academic Program

Students attending Chiang Mai University are required enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Each student must enroll in a Thai language course. The course is offered at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels.

Students also typically enroll in 2 - 3 electives during their time in Chiang Mai. Click here for upcoming offerings.

Past electives at Chiang Mai University have included:

  • Economics: Globalization and the Information Economy in the Asia Pacific; Globalization and South East Asia; The Economics of the Sex Trade Industry in South East Asia
  • Political Science: Government and Politics of Thailand; Comparative Politics of South East Asia;
  • Fine Arts & Media Studies: Creative Dance: Southeast Asian Dance and Performance; Contemporary Thai Film
  • Religion: Theravada Buddhism; Buddhist Meditation and Practice in Southeast Asia
  • History: Cultural History of Southeast Asia; History of Mainland South East Asia: Thailand and Her Neighbors;
  • Sociology/Anthropology:  Vietnamese Society in Transition; Women in Thai Society; Public Health Issues in Thailand; Gender Identity, Sexuality and Transformation in Thai Society; The Struggle for Human Rights in Southeast Asia

All courses appear on an official Concordia University transcript.


The Thai student visa does not allow students to work while studying. In order to be able to undertake an internship or unpaid work, students must obtain a work visa. If a student enters Thailand on a student visa, he/she is not eligible to obtain a work visa. For students interested in undertaking an internship, please contact The Education Abroad Network as opportunities may exist in certain industries and arrangements may be made.

Unique Opportunities

To complement the academic components of study at Chiang Mai University, students are also free to participate on a number of unique opportunities while in Chiang Mai.  For example:

  • Volunteering - Students are able to set up volunteer opportunities on their own should their academic schedule alllow. Past participants have taught English at local schools and have assisted with local non-profit organizations.
  • Guided visit to cultural and historical sites - One week of the program is spent visiting some of the region's unique cultural and historical sites. During this time, students learn how Thai culture has been influenced by the cultures of surrounding countries and will also view the development of Thai history and society through these major points of interest.
  • Optional Excursions: In past semesters, some course offerings through Chiang Mai University have given students the opportunity to visit other regional highlights at an additional, but affordable cost. For instance, when offered, the Vietnamese Society in Transition course allows students the option to travel to Vietnam during the semester break with stops in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang.

Campus Activities

Chiang Mai has an active student-run Student Council that organizes entertainment, cultural events, special seminars, community service, and sports. There are also a myriad special clubs including an international outdoor club, academic clubs, sports clubs, and special interest clubs.  In addition, the university has soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball, rugby, softball, badminton, table tennis, petanque, and takraw.  Field trips to surrounding townships and provinces are also common as Northern Thailand offers a plethora of dazzling sites to see and experience!

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