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Uniquely Thailand

Discovering Thailand

  • Size – Thailand is roughly two times the size of Wyoming.
  • Royalty - Thais pay respect to their king with the playing of the royal anthem before the showing of movies in theaters.
  • Greetings - The traditional Thai greetng is known as a wai and involves a prayer-like palms-together gesture.
  • Hill tribes - In northern Thailand, ethnic minorities residing in the mountainous regions are known as "hill tribes" and each tribe has its own language, customs, clothing style and beliefs. Some of the most well-known are the Karen, Hmong, and Lisu.
  • Sport - In muay thai boxing, all surfaces of the body are considered fair targets and almost anything goes while fighters are in the ring. Before the match begins, a ram muay (boxing dance) gives fighters the chance to honor the guardian spirit of Thai boxing.
  • Religion - Every Thai male is expected to be a monk for a short period in his life, usually during the time between the end of school and the time he marries or starts a career.
  • Art - The lotus was originally used to depict Buddha as only nonhuman symbols were allowed. Today it serves as a reminder of the tenets of Buddhism.
  • Food - The incredibly smelly durian fruit is found in markets throughout Thailand and has been banned from airlines, buses, and many hotels.

Unique Wonders

  • Doi Suthep
  • Phuket
  • Ayuthaya
  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Rai
  • Ko Phi Phi
  • Chatuchak Market
  • Chao Praya
  • Floating Markets