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Study Abroad in China

From the Great Wall snaking its way through the countryside to the exotic structures of glass and concrete that make up the modern skyline, China unveils its ancient traditions to the patient visitor. Spend a semester studying abroad in China wandering hidden hutongs in Beijing or marveling at the majesty of Shanghai’s Bund. Prepare to slurp noodles with the locals, delight eager schoolchildren with a simple “hello,” and even impress yourself with adventurous culinary experiences. With a population of 1.3 billion people, China is bound to be home to a kindred spirit to share a cup of tea.

Dramatic landscapes filled with mountains, deserts, steppes and rivers, combined with a rich culture, booming economy, and ancient history, make China an unforgettable study abroad destination. For over 4,000 years, China has been the birthplace of ideas and inventions such as the world's oldest written language, Confucianism, the magnetic compass, and paper. China is also home to 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Study abroad in China to experience this fascinating history and culture.


The TEAN Difference

  • Program Costs: Given the exchange rate, studying in China allows you to maximize your time abroad with affordable program prices and a comfortable cost of living. 
  • Academics: Our unique Direct Enrollment Model gives you access to over 100+ English-taught courses options across disciplines. Further, you will be fully immersed in Chinese university culture, taking classes alongside Chinese local students.
  • The Language Non-Issue: All courses are taught in English, so having little or no experience with Mandarin is no problem. Should you have advanced langauge proficiency, you will have access to the entire course catalog of both English AND Manarin-taught courses. 
  • Bonus Opportunities: All students will enjoy the included cultural activities arranged by our resident staff as well as Beijing weekend, featuring an overnight stay at the Great Wall. In case you just can't get enough, take advantage of additional (optional) cultural immersion opportunities by signing up for a weekend homestay, or volunteer opportunity. Available opportunities may vary each semester. 


China Study Abroad Program highlights

  • With semester and summer study abroad programs in China, you can select from a range of academic experiences to suit your needs.
  • Live with Chinese students and other study abroad program participants in our high-quality off-campus apartments for a more integrated experience in China
  • Be immersed in Chinese culture during our comprehensive five-day Orientation Program in Shanghai, China including a visit to the ancient watertown of Zhouzhuang. 
  • Ensure that language is no barrier when you study abroad in China, with semester, and summer programs available in English. 
  • Base yourself in China's most dynamic city, Shanghai or the capital of China, Beijing, with all it's cultural institutions
  • Advance your langauge skills, with immersive Chinese language instruction available for all skill levels
  • Students participating in our Shanghai program have the opportunity to take language classes from a top Mandarin language program by the University of Virginia, and taught by their faculty. 

See What Our Alumni Have to Say...

"TEAN Shanghai has been a life-changing experience that will always remain in my heart throughout my life. It has helped me grow as a person and see that there is a bigger world out there. It has managed to make me comfortable "in the uncomfortable" establishing a sense of independence in me to adapt in new environments with the security that I can trust myself to succeed. I have been introduced to a new culture that provided us with a fresh new perspective on topics I originally thought I knew, such as marketing in China. Most importantly, It has granted me lifelong friendships that I would forever cherish."

Daniel P., Fudan University, Spring 2015

If this experience sounds like something you might be interested in, request more information on the Study Abroad in China program.

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