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New Zealand Orientation Video
Experience our five-day New Zealand Orientation program for all semester programs.
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Study Abroad in New Zealand

Don’t let the serene image of grazing sheep throw you.  When you study abroad in New Zealand you'll find this country is on the move and full of surprises. Metropolitan cities play host to a plethora of cultural events, while the South Island continues to churn out heart-pounding extreme adventures at an amazing rate. From hidden coves tucked along the shore to bubbling mud pools, New Zealand provides students with limitless exploration. As a student, take time to unearth the Maori influence and ponder New Zealand’s role in the expanding global economy. If you want to study abroad surrounded by friendly people, extreme sports and beautiful scenery then consider New Zealand!

New Zealand Study Abroad Program Highlights

  • With six universities available, select from a range of academic programs and campus settings to suit your needs.
  • Take advantage of our pre semester excursion (included in program costs) to the beautiful islands of Fiji.
  • Select from a range of locations, including Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand with great proximity to the coast east and west, and Christchurch on the action-packed South Island.
  • Experience living with locals and other international students in university housing.
  • Take advantage of our mid semester trip options to New Zealand’s South Island or the culture and beaches of Thailand.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush during Orientation when we throw you into New Zealand’s extreme sports, but also expose you to the local culture.

New Zealand Study Abroad Student Review

"When people ask me how my study abroad experience was, the two words I most often catch myself using are “epic and perfect". I loved every minute of my time in New Zealand! The orientation was ‘heaps’ of fun, but also very informative. The resident director gave us great tips as to where to travel and what to do. This communication was my favorite part of my experience with The Education Abroad Network (TEAN). They could not have been more helpful answering my questions and offering suggestions. I went with TEAN on their mid semester break trip to Thailand, which was incredible! Everything was so well organized and planned from the cultural activities to relaxing on the beautiful beaches. It was easily the best ten days of my time abroad. TEAN advocates for students to travel but also to integrate and become part of the New Zealand new community. I was able to learn more about my home country within a new country, an experience I would not have had without the support of TEAN. If you’re looking at this website, you must be at least a bit curious about TEAN and what they have to offer for students looking for study abroad programs in New Zealand. My advice to you is GO! You will not regret a single moment or penny spent!"

Bailey Shea, University of New Hampshire. Studied abroad at the University of Canterbury, Spring 2010.

Spend four days in the Fijian Islands on your way to New Zealand. TEAN's Fiji excursion is included in the program fee for all New Zealand semester programs.
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