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Included Fiji Excursion

The TEAN Fiji excursion is included as a pre-semester trip for all New Zealand semester programs. Travel with your fellow TEAN-New Zealand students to an island paradise for four days, before continuing on to New Zealand for your Auckland-based Orientation. You will stay on a local island resort in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji that not only provides you with a relaxing start to your semester abroad, but also introduces you to islander culture. The cultures of the Pacific Islands permeate New Zealand, so culturally there is no more perfect beginning to your semester abroad. Oh – and did we mention that this is paradise! View Fiji excursion photo gallery. All photos taken by TEAN students.

Fiji Excursion Highlights

  • Relax during the 3-hour scenic cruise to the Yasawa Islands
  • Snorkel the coral reefs and relax on the beach
  • Enjoy a traditional Fijian feast and dance performance
  • Take part in a guided hike to a remote Fijian Village
  • Swim with manta rays
  • Learn important survivor skills like coconut husking and palm weaving

Fiji Excursion Student Reviews

"The Fiji trip was a perfect way to begin the study abroad experience and meet fellow TEAN participants.  It was during this trip that I established relationships with many other students who I then traveled with throughout my time in New Zealand, and still often contact here in America.  I really enjoyed every part of this trip and will never forget it.  The resort was beautiful and the people who worked there were exceptionally kind.  It was an incredible experience to be able to see a real Fijian village and talk with Fijian people who had never known a westernized lifestyle or even been off the islands of Fiji.  I had never visited a place like Naviti and it was a real eye opening experience to get to see how these people lived their daily lives.  It was also amazing to witness a traditional Fijian dance and be able to sample the traditional Fijian drink called kava.  The landscape of the Fijian islands was unlike anything that I have ever seen.  Scuba diving around the resort and exploring the island of Naviti was absolutely stunning.  The entire trip was unforgettable.  It allowed me to see a completely unique lifestyle and gave me the opportunity to meet fellow TEAN participants and establish a strong base of friends, which made our move to New Zealand much easier."
Alec Burke, University of Iowa

"The Fiji trip was such a great experience!! No one knew each other when we boarded the plane in LA, but leaving Fiji we already felt like family! We got to know each other by spending time on this tropical island doing things like kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, eating, and just enjoying the beach!! It was also fun to hang out with the locals who worked at the bar, and we got a chance to hike to the village on the island to see the schoolchildren. It was really cool to see how these islanders lived and grew up. We had a great time and were all so excited about the semester ahead of us. It was also good to get to know these people so we had contacts and could stay with them when we traveled to different parts of New Zealand. I definitely recommend this trip!"
Katie Hammer, University of Maryland

Fiji Excursion Inclusions

  • Airport Transfers
  • 3 Nights of authentic Fijian accommodation
  • 1 night on mainland in 5 star hotel accommodation
  • Authentic Fijian Meals
  • All Transportation – Ground and Boat Transfers
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Weaving and coconut husking
  • Experienced TEAN staff member accompanying the group
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