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Education Abroad Network
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Study Abroad Programs by Major

Want to know what we offer for your major? From Aboriginal Studies through to Zoology, we have a study abroad program suitable for all majors. Click below on the general area of study that your particular discipline falls under. If you can’t find your major, or want some suggestions from a real person, contact a TEAN Program Manager.

Arts majors
From Architecture to Web Design, and Dance to Painting – anything related to the Arts, Design and Performance.

Business majors
From Accounting to Tourism, and Agribusiness to Management - anything related to Business.

Communications majors
From Advertising to Journalism, and Animation to Public Relations - anything related to Communications.

Education majors
Covering early childhood education, and beyond - anything related to Education and Teaching.

Engineering majors
From Aerospace Engineering to Materials Science, and Civil Engineering to Environmental Engineering - anything Engineering related.

Environment majors
From Aquaculture to Sustainable Resource Management, and Ecology to Oceanography - any discipline related to understanding our planet and its resources..

Health majors
From Art Therapy to Speech Pathology, and Nursing to Exercise Science - anything at all related to Health.

Humanities majors
From Anthropology to Theology, and Criminology to Philosophy - all Humanities majors.

International Studies majors
Covering languages and international relations.

Science majors
From Agriculture to Geology, and Microbiology to Statistics - all Science majors.

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