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Study Abroad in Shanghai

Symbolic of an entire country perched on the edge of incredible change, Shanghai is the epicentre of the China’s growth and development making this a dynamic destination to study abroad. Don’t think it’s all about business, though. Shanghai boasts historic neighborhoods, local markets, regional cuisines, an energetic night life, artist enclaves, unlimited shopping and opportunities for exploration around every corner. Study abroad in Shanghai and live in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

Shanghai Program Highlights

  • Take classes at Fudan University, one of the top three universities in China, and study in classrooms with local Chinese students
  • Due to a unique academic structure, students take classes taught in English with local Chinese and other international students. Fluent in Mandarin? Students can also take classes taught in Chinese as well. 
  • Chinese language instruction taught to curriculum of the University of Virginia by a UVA instructor
  • Live with Chinese students and other program participants in our high-quality off-campus apartments in the local community for a more integrated experience
  • Experience the lifestyle of China's most dynamic city
  • Comprehensive five-day on arrival orientation program in Shanghai
  • A weekend excursion to Beijing, weekend homestay with a local family, and many cultural activities included in the program fee!

Don’t Leave Shanghai Without...

  • Savoring the Pudong skyline from the Bund side of the Huangpu River
  • Climbing the Shanhai Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world
  • Taking in the madness at the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Exploring the Gallery-filled alleys of the French Concession
  • Finding a bargain at the many stalls of Yu Yuan Garden
  • Checking out Renmin Square (People’s Square) for a bit of peace and quiet, or tai chi.
  • Window shop in some of Asia’s finest stores on East Nanjing Road

See What Our Alumni Have to Say...

"I would describe my study abroad to other students as being very unique and exciting. I have encountered a whole new culture in an unknown continent and managed to feel like China was like a second home after a few months there. I met local people that taught me and showed me things that I will never forget about. I also made friends from all around the world. All in all, the experience taught me a lot about the country, but also about myself. It was definitiely a life changing experience. I would say it was different from other providers because it includes highlight trips all along the semester. I also felt the connection between the students and the staff was quite unique." 

Amandine T., Fudan University, Spring 2014

"It was a great opportunity and a great program. When we got on the ground it was a smooth, organized transition into our universities. The living arrangements were very nice and it freed up a lot of time and effort that could be spent on school, exploring Shanghai, and meeting new people. Other students I talked to occasionally voiced concerns and stress regarding issues that TEAN basically put on autopilot for us. I got many jealous stares." 

Devon M., Fudan University, Fall 2013

"Going to China was one of the best choices I had ever made. While I had a limited knowledge of Chinese, TEAN really did their best in terms of assuring I had a fantastic experience. I was nervous at first to have a Chinese roommate because I was afraid there would be a language barrier or that they wouldn't get along with me, however, this was not the case. The way that TEAN facilitates all of your needs from within the country is astonishing. If I ever had a problem, I was able to utilize my Chinese roommates knowledge of the language and the culture to help in any given situation.

The staff in the country also helped considerably. TEAN goes above and beyond when accommodating students in the apartments. They have Western amenities as well as some Chinese culture within them. All of the apartments were conveniently located near a subway stop and near campus. My study abroad changed me for the better and, thanks to TEAN, I am now pursuing a minor in Chinese and I am looking to China for future employment opportunities. I highly recommend TEAN as the program of choice for those who wish to study abroad. I was friends with a few of their competitors students and TEAN is the Cadillac of the Chinese study abroad programs."

Devon K., Fudan University, Fall 2013

Shanghai is a truly wonderful city that bridges a fast paced global economy with over a thousand years of culture and tradition. TEAN did an amazing job managing the process of getting settled into our new home, and offered support every step of the way. This provided the perfect staging ground to take advantage of the vibrant and unique culture China offers. Being immersed in such a contrasting culture offers plenty of adventures and allows you to learn and experience things through a fresh, exciting perspective.

Devon M., Fudan University, Spring 2013


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