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Learn about Chiang Mai, Thailand
Watch the video for an overview of what it's like to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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Education Abroad Network
Education Abroad Network

Southeast Asia Study Abroad

With diverse ethnic groups, ancient and varied histories, as well as some of the most booming cities around, when you study abroad in Southeast Asia you'll find it is a tiger ready to pounce into the forefront of world affairs. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself into the unique cultures that call the region home. Spend a lazy afternoon slurping up a local delicacy with a newfound friend or hopping on local transport to a mysterious destination. Practice your language skills with eager university students and try your hand at producing a regional handicraft. The opportunities for exploration are endless and you may wonder how you’ll possibly fit everything into a summer or even a semester study abroad program!

Program Highlights

  • Study abroad for a semester in English at world recognised universities throughout Southeast Asia in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Spend a Summer in Southeast Asia for academic credit.
  • Live with local students in our Thailand study abroad programs.
  • Adjust to the local culture with our in-country Orientation programs.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our on-site Resident Directors in each country, who assist you throughout your time abroad.
  • Learn to communicate with the locals with language instruction available on all programs.
  • From visiting Buddhist temples to trekking to a hill-tribe village in northern Thailand, The Education Abroad Network incorporates cultural excursions into all study abroad programs in Southeast Asia.

Student Review

"It is difficult to describe my study abroad experience in just a short paragraph, but studying abroad is a life-changing experience.  For my study abroad experience through The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) I would describe it as the point in my life where I figured out how many different options of occupations I have to choose from.  I would honestly say that studying abroad has been the best parts of my life, and they are packed full of educational aspects that I did not even notice until reflecting on my experiences.  I was so fortunate that I went through TEAN instead of directly enrolling like the rest of the students for a few reasons, but are not limited to: One, I had support and help at all times from the staff of TEAN before and during the semester abroad. Two, I got to have an orientation before the program started. Three, I was able to meet the TEAN staff abroad and be able to meet other foreigner’s working in Asia. I would say the aspect that differentiates TEAN from other programs or even directly enrolling would be not only the involvement of the staff before and during the time abroad but once you have completed the program you still feel connected with the TEAN staff and their assistance."

Tim Crandall, Marietta College. Studied abroad on the Thailand / Cambodia program during Fall 2010.

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