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Education Abroad Network
Education Abroad Network
Education Abroad Network

Student Support Services

Local and Regional Resident Directors

Throughout the program, TEAN's Resident Directors will provide on-going support services via informal house meetings, weekend excursions and by generally making themselves available to assist students with other academic, social or cultural issues.

Internship and Employment Leads

Looking for an internship or employment tip while overseas? Since our overseas staff are local residents we can provide special insight into available internship and work opportunities.

International Student Health Insurance

TEAN participants receive a health insurance policy, which varies based on host university location. More policy details are provided upon acceptance into the program.

Host Family Introductions

Education Abroad Network students have the option of participating in our Host Family program. This is a great way for students to meet and become friends with a local family. In addition to the support and advice offered by our on-site staff, the host families can be another resource for questions and advice.