Welcome to Australia! Below is information that you will need during the semester including details about your housing, what to do when you are sick, local transportation and more.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you keep TEAN’s contact details on you at all times in case of emergency. If your reason for calling/texting is not an emergency, please try to call/text during regular office hours (9:00 AM to-5:00 PM Monday-Friday).

Common Concerns: First few weeks

Common Concerns: First few weeks

As you start to get into the swing of things, we want to highlight some common concerns that may come up. We often see the same concerns raised each semester, so you’re not alone!

Feeling “disconnected” from the campus: This may happen for those living off-campus. As you go back and forth to campus for O Week you may feel isolated from the campus community. Don’t worry! As classes start, you’ll find that you aren’t actually on campus that much and end up really loving where you live. You definitely won’t regret living in off-campus!

Feelings of homesickness/anxiety: This is probably one of the most common concerns we hear during the first few weeks of the program. It is very normal to go through varying levels of homesickness. Some people may feel minor “pangs” of missing home and what is familiar, while others may feel fairly intense feelings of sadness and anxiety. The first week in your new home can be very overwhelming – you’re in a new city with new people, a new culture, new school, new everything – and it’s not uncommon to wonder if you have made the “right choice” to study abroad. These feelings will pass. When classes start and you get into a routine, you’ll start to feel more comfortable and confident in your new setting and the feelings of homesickness should start to lessen. That said, if they don’t please reach out and let us know. The universities have excellent counselors on campus who you can meet with and talk to. Also, please remember to take things day by day – you’re dealing with a lot of adjustments and often some exercise, eating well, getting lots of rest and talking to other students can help. You’ll probably find that lots of other people are feeling the same way but aren’t sharing how they feel. TEAN staff are also on campus often, at our coffee catch ups and other events, so do let us know if you want to talk. We can call and message to provide support also.  

Concerns with roommates: It’s not uncommon to wonder if you have been matched up with the right people in your housing. You may have clicked with someone at the TEAN Orientation who you’re not rooming with or may even be in your own room feeling isolated. Some of you may never have lived with roommates (or flatmates as we call them) before, so it’s a learning curve! Be open and make sure to communicate; share how you feel about things in an honest way. Set some apartment rules that you all agree on and discuss how to best bring up issues. You’re here just for approximately 100 sleeps – try not to let minor issues become major worries during the semester.

Some things are more expensive: Yes, the cost of eating/drinking/going out is often very expensive compared to what you might be used to. The best thing to do is plan a budget for the semester and stick to it. Buy food and cook at home, search online to get good travel deals for the trips you want to take, remember to always have a supply of food/snacks in your apartment for when you’re hungry during those late night study cram sessions as shops close early, AND take advantage of the FREE TEAN events we offer! The coffee breaks are a must – they include a drink, a free bite to eat and a chance to chat with us!

Getting used to the teaching style: First of all, don’t freak out when you get your first assessment grades back – they will seem very low to what you are used to. In Australia you earn points (starting at 0 and going up to 100), while in the U.S. you start at 100 and points are deducted. It is very hard to get very high grades (High Distinctions and Distinctions) in Australia. Assessment grades are often worth a larger percentage of your overall grade than what you are used to as well. There are no “weekly tests” in Australia. You may find that your mid-term exam carries a 50% weight. Because there usually aren’t regular tests or assignments, you may feel like you don’t have much to do then find yourself cramming for a test or rushing to prepare a paper. Set a study and school work schedule for the semester and stick to it, even when it may feel like you have a light workload. If you are struggling at any point, please go and see the academic staff. They are all there to help with an open door policy, but you need to take initiative and go to them.

Internet annoyances: The internet speed and data limits in Australia are not what you are used to in the U.S. We have fairly slow internet here and data limits so you aren’t able to stream and download shows all the time. The internet speed certainly takes a little time to get used to but hang in there – it’s just a more chilled out internet, all will be okay!


On Campus Medical Centers

University Health Service
East Quadrangle Building
Phone: (02) 9385 5425
Book an appointment online

University of Sydney
University Health Service
2 Butlin Ave, Darlington
Phone: (02) 9351 3484
Book an appointment online

Macquarie University
MQ Health General Practice
Suite 305, Level 3, 2 Technology Place
Phone: (02) 9812 3944
Book an appointment online

University of Wollongong
1/F, UniCentre Building
11 Northfields Ave
Phone: (02) 8203 5901
Book an appointment online

University of Technology, Sydney
UTS Health Service
15 Broadway, Ultimo
Phone (02) 9514 1177
Book an appointment online

Off Campus Medical Centers

Off campus options by location, check online for current hours.

Near Urbanest

Ultimo Medical Practice
Address: 82 Mountain St, Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9212 1400

Broadway Healthcare
M105 Broadway Shopping Centre Level 1/1 Bay Street, Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9281 5085
Open 8:30am–7pm

Myhealth Medical Central Park
RB08/1 Central Park Ave, Chippendale
Phone: (02) 8197 1888
Open 9am–5:30pm

Near Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction Medical Practice
6015B/500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 9389 9699
Open 8am–7pm

Bondi Junction Medical and Dental Centre
3A Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 8305 7777
Open 7am–10pm

GP on Ebley Medical Centre Bondi
108 Ebley St, Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 9387 1171
Open 8am–7pm

Near Coogee

Coogee Medical Centre
21 Carr St, Coogee
Phone: (02) 9665 4519
Open 8:30am–7pm

Coogee Family Medical Centre
201 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee
Phone: (02) 9315 8999
Open 8am–7pm

Bream Street Medical Practice
8 Bream St, Coogee
Phone: (02) 9665 0330

Near Manly

Manly Hospital
Darley Road Manly
Phone: 02 9976 9611
Emergency department available

Manly Medical Centre
15 South Steyne, Manly
Phone: (02) 9977 7612
Opening hours vary – closed on Fridays and weekends.

Near Wollongong University

Wollongong Hospital
252 Loftus St & Locked Bag 8808, South Coast Mail Centre
Phone: (02) 4222 5000
Open 24 hours and has emergency department

Better Care Medical Centre
88-90 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow
Phone (02) 4284 5416

Prescription Medication

Some students are unable to bring all of their medication on the plane with them to Australia due to border control regulations. In this case, your general practitioner back home will have to ship the remainder of your medication to Australia after you are here. You will need to get a form from your doctor on campus in Australia that gives permission for the medication to be sent and released to you by customs. You should schedule this appointment with your GP on campus at least 1 month before you run out of your medication. If you try to send the medication without the form, it will be confiscated when it reaches Australia.

Pharmacy (Chemist)

Below are some local pharmacies, which are known as a ‘chemist’ in Australia.

Chemistworks Broadway
Broadway Shopping Centre
1 Bay St, Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9212 4377
Open 8am–10pm

Central Park Shopping Centre
RB08/26-60 Broadway, Chippendale
Phone: (02) 8244 1128
Open 8:30am–10pm

Chemist Warehouse
149 Oxford St, Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 9387 3022
Open 7:30am–10pm

Terry White Chemists
Westfield Bondi Junction
3071/500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction
Phone: (02) 9389 6560
Open 9am–7pm

Hospitals in Sydney

Open 24 hours and provide emergency care.

Prince Of Wales Hospital (Eastern Suburbs)
Barker St, Randwick
Phone: (02) 9382 2222

The Royal Northshore (Northern Suburbs)
Reserve Rd, St Leonards
Phone: (02) 9926 7111

Prince Alfred Hospital (City CBD)
50 Missenden Rd, Camperdown
Phone: (02) 9515 6111

The St George Hospital
Gray St, Kogarah
Phone: (02) 9113 1111

Dentists in Sydney

Floss Dental – Broadway Dentist
Mountain St, Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9212 7119
Open 9am–5pm

Dental Connect
Broadway Shopping Centre, M107/1 Bay St, Ultimo
Phone: (02) 9211 2388
Open 9am–7pm

Village Dental Haymarket
118/8 Quay St, Haymarket
Phone: (02) 9281 0007
Open 9am–6pm

University of Sydney – Campus Dental
Level 3 Wentworth Building
Phone: (02) 9692 8900
Open 8:30am–5:30pm

Coogee Dental
59 Carr St, Coogee
(02) 9315 7420
Open 8am–4pm

Randwick Dental
54 St Pauls St, Randwick
(02) 9399 3957
Open 7:30am–5pm

Health Insurance

OSHC Overseas Health Coverage

All study abroad students must have OSHC through their Australian universities. You will pick up your OSHC insurance card during your first week of school, generally during your orientations. Your insurance provider’s information has been sent to you before arrival, but it is important you know how to reach them once it is time to file a claim. Many campuses have insurance reps that you can go and visit with any questions, others have to be contacted via phone if they do not have an office on campus.

When you visit the doctor, sometimes you will be required to pay upfront for your consultation. You should save your receipts and file a claim with your OSHC provider immediately after your appointment.

University Insurance Providers

University of New South Wales
Provider: Medibank
File a Claim with Medibank
The on-campus Medibank office is located at The Blockhouse

University of Technology – Sydney
Provider: Medibank
File a Claim with Medibank

Provider: Medibank
File a Claim with Medibank

University of Sydney
Provider: Allianz
File a Claim with Allianz

Macquarie University
Provider: Allianz
File a Claim with Allianz
On campus OSHC Worldcare desk: Level 1, Building E3A

University of Wollongong
Provider: BUPA
File a Claim with BUPA
Phone: 1 300 ASK UOW
The on-campus Bupa Office is located at Student Central, Ground Floor, Building 17

University of Notre Dame Sydney
Provider: BUPA
File a Claim with BUPA

Important: If you plan to travel outside of Australia, you will need to purchase additional travel insurance for the the time you are traveling. Your OSHC will not cover your injuries and illnesses that occur outside of Australia

Housing Advice

General Housing Advice

As most of you are now sharing a room and living in an apartment with new people, you may come across some challenges.

We always like to remind everyone to get out of your housing and into the world exploring what Sydney and surrounding areas have to offer. Try not to worry too much about the size of your room or closet, if your room is smaller than another room, if your bathroom is smaller, etc.

We also suggest you sit down as a group/apartment and have a “family dinner” to better get to know one another and set some ground rules that you all agree to. Each person can contribute as to what is important to them and what isn’t as important, such as:

  • Do you clean up after you have eaten a meal or wait for the end of the day?
  • Do you have the option to share each other’s food or should you ask permission? And if so – what is okay to just take and what isn’t? (For example, is it okay to use someone else milk for your coffee or not?)
  • Who takes out the trash?
  • How tidy do you like to keep your bathrooms and living areas?
  • What time you like to go to bed and do you prefer to sleep with blinds open/closed or a light on/off?
  • How you cope with noise at night – do you prefer that people are quieter after a certain time?
  • How do you feel about visitors coming over – is it okay or not? And if so – until what time?

It’s important you all remain open and honest when you live together. Please remember to always talk about things and keep communication open. If your roommates are frustrating or challenging you in some way, talk with them privately and work on a compromise or a way to figure it out.

It’s normal to have roommate frustrations. It’s impossible for everyone to always get along – this is just part of life and an important lesson to go through. We also are positive that even if you have a few bumps along the way, you’ll end up loving your housing in Sydney!

Urbanest Housing

Urbanest Sydney Central

Address: 483 Wattle St, Sydney NSW 2007
Internet: 20 GB of Broadband Data per month. Additional data may be purchased.
Cleaning: N/A

On Arrival

Your TEAN Resident Director and Urbanest staff will help you be checked into your apartment for the semester. You will also be given a mandatory introduction about the property that will cover safety, access in and around the building, and general house rules you will need to follow during your stay.  You will also receive your keys and the following items when you check in:

Kitchen packs – include plates, bowls, side plates, glasses, mugs, cutlery, pots, frying pans and a selection of utensils.
Linen packs – include pillows, sheets, quilt, quilt cover, towel, bathmat, face washer and hand towel.

Inspections and Access to Rooms

Urbanest conducts regular room inspections to identify potential issues and hazards and ensure that health, safety and cleanliness standards are maintained at a high level.

Residents are expected to pass inspections and adhere to the prescribed standards. Repeated failure to pass inspections will result in charges for professional cleaners and/or removalists to return the room to the original condition. All residents are entitled to privacy and quiet enjoyment of their rooms.

Urbanest reserves the right to enter any room on the following basis:

General inspection – 7 days notice
Urbanest repairs and maintenance – 48 hours notice
Resident requested maintenance – No notice
Emergencies (determined by the Urbanest team at their discretion), i.e. urgent repairs, concerns around resident health and welfare – No notice
Civil and Administrative Tribunal Order – No notice
Suspicions that a Resident or their Guest or Visitor is in breach of the Agreement or these Rules – No notice

Room and Building Maintenance

Residents must not replace electrical, plumbing, heating, security equipment, door locks, glass or any other items in their room or shared apartment. Any maintenance requests must be reported to Urbanest staff.


Residents must keep their room and shared areas clean to ensure the prescribed standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. Any cleanliness issues or complaints regarding unhygienic areas or risks to health and safety may result in professional cleaning being required, this cost will be payable by the residents.

If you are experiencing issues with your roommates being uncleanly, please contact your Resident Director at TEAN or Urbanest staff if you’d like them to send a general reminder about upkeep and cleaning. Further conversations and measures can be taken if the reminders aren’t working.

Trash Removal

Residents must ensure all garbage from rooms and share apartments is emptied regularly and not place any garbage outside the apartment, next to or on top of bins.

Residents must not throw garbage or any items from windows, balconies, terraces or rooftops. If there are garbage chutes in the property, residents must not put any glass, sharp objects, bulky items, cardboard boxes or open food containers into the chute. You are encouraged to recycle where possible.

Communal Areas
  • Communal areas may be used by visitors provided they are accompanied by a resident.
  • The gym on property is for the use of Urbanest residents only.
  • No glass is permitted on a communal rooftop (at properties where applicable). All drinks must be served in plastic cups. The rooftop is locked after 10pm each night.
  • Bicycles must be kept in the purpose-built storage area and are not allowed into rooms. If residents require access to the bike storage area they must ask reception to program their keys accordingly.
  • Urbanest is not responsible for the security of or any damage sustained to bicycles left in the storage area or anywhere else.
  • Residents must refer to the Accommodation Guide for more detailed information and rules on use of communal areas.
  • No items must be thrown off balconies, terraces, rooftop, windows or any communal areas.
  • Residents must exercise caution and not overcrowd balconies/terraces and keep the noise down between the hours of 10pm–8am.
Noise Policy

Noise must be kept to minimum in and around urbanest properties between the hours of 10pm–8am. If Urbanest receives a complaint from other residents or neighbors in the surrounding residential area about noise and antisocial behavior, disciplinary actions will be taken.

Visitors and Guest Policy

Residents are responsible for their guests and visitors and will be accountable for any misconduct, injury to any person or property damage caused by them. Recipients of a bill for damage will have seven working days from the date of the invoice to pay or request a review of the claim. Guests and visitors must comply with the House Rules and if asked by the Urbanest team they must be able to confirm the host resident’s name and room number. If a guest or visitor violates the House Rules they can be asked to leave immediately. Visitors must be escorted in, out and around the Urbanest property by the resident. No overnight guests are allowed in twin share rooms.

Meriton Housing

Meriton Bondi Junction Serviced Apartments

Address: 97 Grafton St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Internet: Unlimited
Cleaning: Weekly

Your TEAN staff member will meet with each student group upon arrival or after settling into your apartment to discuss your responsibilities while living in TEAN accommodation. This accommodation has been secured by TEAN for the entire length of your study.  TEAN has built a strong relationship with Meriton on-site managers. We want you to have a good time this semester, but please remember to respect this apartment and your neighbors staying in other rooms at all times.

You are each personally responsible for the condition of your own room. Any damages occurring in your room will be billed to you accordingly. As a household, you are all responsible for keeping your apartment clean and tidy for the duration of your stay. Any damages occurring to the common areas will be billed/shared by the household members.  To ensure you keep your apartment in good condition, the Resident Director will be making bi-monthly inspections, or more frequently if deemed necessary.  Please ensure that the apartment is securely locked before you leave each day.

Unit Contents

Most conveniences have been supplied and are in the apartment. Please report any breakages or missing items as soon as possible to the on-site manager or your TEAN Resident Director.

Smoke alarms have been fitted and you should familiarize yourself with an escape route in the event of fire. Do not under any circumstances disable your smoke alarm! If you disable your smoke alarm you will be charged for repairs/reconnection. If the fire department is called out you will be fined a hefty fine.


You have been issued with a key card to access the floor your apartment is located on, the main reception level, and your front door. Please speak to Meriton reception if you lose yours.

Cleaning Service

A cleaning service will be provided once a week. Do not abuse this service – it is intended mainly for changing linens/towels and quick vacuuming/tidying. The cleaners won’t clean the floor or bench tops if things are covering them (clothes, personal items) so please try and not leave things on the floor or benches (or baths/showers). You will need to tend to your own dishes, etc. The cleaning team at Meriton will not proceed with your cleaning if they find your apartment impossible and dangerous to access.

Rubbish Removal

Please utilize garbage chutes on every floor. Do not expect the maids to remove your rubbish – this is your responsibility.

Calling from your Unit

You are responsible for paying for your phone calls if made from your apartment. If the bill hasn’t been paid after departure the fee will come out of your housing deposit.

End of Stay

Property managers are very strict in Australia. You MUST leave your accommodation exactly as you found it (e.g. in good clean condition with all personal belongings, food, etc. moved out). The Resident Director will contact you in writing a month before your departure to outline the procedures for moving out.

Tenancy Agreement

TEAN has signed the tenancy agreement for all units/houses. However, you are responsible for maintaining the units in the manner required by the owners. Before departing the U.S. you were required to read and sign the TEAN, LLC HOUSING AND RESIDENCE AGREEMENT which outlined the conditions of your residing in TEAN accommodation.

  • As a reminder – during your stay you must:
  • Keep all plumbing clean and clear
  • Dispose of all garbage as directed by management
  • Keep the walls, floors, doors and ceilings of the premises free of nails, screws or adhesive substances
  • Not intentionally or negligently damage the premises and inclusions (including glass and mirrors)
  • Only hang clothing and other articles outside the premises in areas designated by the owner or his agent
  • Request permission before the installation of any picture hooks
  • Be aware that Blu-Tac (sticky tack) and all stickers ARE NOT PERMITTED to be used on any surface
Air Conditioning

Please turn off the air-conditioning units when the weather cools and/or you will be away from the apartment for an extended period of time.


High-speed wireless internet is provided and can be used throughout your apartment. Please be patient and remember internet speeds may not be as fast as in the U.S. You have unlimited data. Please speak with the reception to obtain your passwords.


If you have any issues regarding the apartment, please contact reception immediately. If you are unsuccessful in an attempt to resolve an issue through reception, please contact your Resident Director.

Noise Complaints, etc.
  • Meriton has a “No Excessive Noise/No Party Policy”. If you break this policy you risk being evicted immediately by Meriton. Any successive complaints about your apartment will be directed immediately to your Resident Director who will follow up directly with you and your housemates. Depending on the circumstance, you will receive an Official Warning (which you must sign and acknowledge), be issued a fine or an Immediate Eviction Notice.
  • Should you receive an Official Warning and any subsequent complaints occur, this will bring an Immediate Eviction Notice regardless of the circumstances.
  • All TEAN housing is smoke free. Smoking is also prohibited on all balconies. Please smoke outside of the apartment building.
  • All TEAN housing is drug free. If you are found using drugs within your apartment, you will be immediately evicted.

NOTE: Our students typically feel very privileged to live in this upscale housing. While we encourage you to enjoy yourself and be social, we also recommend you take large social gatherings outside of your unit to make noise complaints less likely. Remember, there are other residents, families, and business people living in these apartments and you must respect all residents.

  • The apartment and its contents on departure will be returned in a similar condition to arrival. We recommend checking the apartment upon entry, if you have any concerns with your apartment on arrival, please notify reception immediately.
  • The apartment must not be used for any illicit activities.
  • Objects must not be thrown from the balconies.
  • A non-smoking policy is enforced at all times. Any room left with a cigarette odor upon departure, will attract a $300.00 smoking fee. This fee covers the cost of a professional deodorization process to return the room to its original quality. Closed circuit TV cameras are in use in and around the property and in the lifts. Footage may be used as evidence in a court of law.

Coogee View Housing

Coogee View Apartments

Address: 56 Carr St, Coogee NSW 2034
Internet: Unlimited, obtain code on arrival
Cleaning: Weekly


Main building entrance is located at 56 Carr Street, Coogee. On the corner of Carr St & Arden St. Directly adjacent to this is our office located at Shop 2, 56 Carr St, Coogee. The secure underground car park is at the rear of the building, off Kurrawa Avenue. The loading bay and rubbish room is located on Level 3 within the car park.

Security Access

Upon check in, you will be issued with a grey electronic key tag that will grant you access to the main building, the underground secure car park, the elevators and the floor your apartment is located on. Be advised, the elevators operate with the use of this electronic key tag, and for security purposes, will limit access strictly to your designated floor.

Main Office

Office hours are 8am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Coogee View staff are available to assist with reservations, extensions, or other enquiries you may have. They also oversee all maintenance and building management issues that may arise. Contact your TEAN Resident Director if you have an issue fixing the problem and cannot reach a solution with Coogee View staff.
Coogee View Tel: (02) 9315 8388
Email: info@aeahotels.com

Contact Details

To receive outside calls, please direct all friends/relatives to call (02) 9315 8033, then input your apartment number. We are unable to provide callers with guest apartment numbers from the front desk so please ensure you provide all relevant people with your apartment number. Please dial “0” for an outside line.

Urgent Contact

If an urgent situation arises outside of business hours, please call (02) 9937 2727, which will divert to a paging service. Please take the time to locate the fire exits on your level. In the event of a fire, exit the building IMMEDIATELY down the fire escape stairs. Do not attempt to use the elevators at any time if you suspect a fire.

Unit Contents

Most conveniences have been supplied and are in the apartment. Please report any breakages or missing items as soon as possible to the on-site manager or your TEAN Resident Director.

Air Conditioning

Please turn off the air-conditioning units when the weather cools and/or you will be away from the apartment for an extended period of time. There is a main switch that controls the temperature for the entire apartment.

Clubs and Organizations

University Groups and Clubs

Dive into the campus culture and connect with other students by joining a club or student organization. Each of our partner universities in Australia offers a ton of different options and opportunities to suit a range of interests. Below, you’ll find examples of some of the most popular associations at different institutions plus links to find even more clubs for each school.

University of Sydney

Choose from more than 200+ clubs and societies! Check out the full list of clubs here.

Chocolate Society
The organization provides programs and events all about chocolate, including parties and game nights, while promoting a fun social environment.

BarberSoc (A Capella Society)
BarberSoc is the University of Sydney’s a cappella singing society made up of four choirs: Pitch Please (SSAA), Duly Noted (TTBB), The Accidentals (SATB) and The Power Chords (SATB).

Boarders and Skiers
The Sydney University Boarders and Skiers Club, or SUBSKI, provides an incredible social and sporting experience for university students. Events include social outing, the legendary New Zealand Tour of Duty ski trip and a recently added Japan Trip.

Mates Abroad
Want to meet local students? Get paired with a like-minded student mentor to help you transition into Sydney life!

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

UTS has more than 130 clubs and societies that you can join during your time abroad. See the full list here.

Eco Society
EcoSoc UTS runs social and educational events, like documentary nights, seminars, guest speakers, parties and more, for students interested in environmentally conscious and sustainability issues.

Food Appreciation Society
Love food? The UTS Food Appreciation Society (UTS Food Soc) offers social, cultural, and educational experiences centered around the sharing and appreciation of food.

Quidditch Society
Combining social and sporting events, the Quidditch Society leads training sessions and competitions as well as movie nights, karaoke outings and more.

Exchange and Study Abroad Club
The UTS Exchange and Study Abroad Club (ESAC) organizes events for both international and local students highlighting experiences unique to Australia, such as excursions to local hotspots, BBQs and more. See more here.

Macquarie University

Find a complete list of Macquarie student organizations here.

Women Entering Business
This supportive network of female business students runs professional and social events.

Vegetarian Association
MUVA is Macquarie’s official vegetarian and vegan society helping to provide healthy, affordable and delicious vegan food on campus.

Music Society
Welcoming to both musicians and non-musicians, the Music Society works to support a strong music culture on campus, hosting events like open mics, workshops and jam sessions.

Macquarie University Mentors
This is one of Australia’s longest-running peer support programs, helping students adjust to university life. Learn more here: mq.edu.au/mentors

University of New South Wales

With 300+ clubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone! View the full list here.

Dog Appreciation Society
If you love dogs, check out the meetups, walks, volunteering and fundraising activities with DogSoc.

Tea and Coffee Society
Join in weekly tea and coffee gatherings in an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Cooking Society
Along with regular cooking classes, the Cooking Society also explores different cuisines through social outings, workshops, picnics and potlucks.

UNSW Exchange Society
Want to meet local students? UNSW Exchange Society brings together the university’s exchange/international community through events like local day trips, cruises and sports excursions. Read more here.

University of Notre Dame – Sydney

With a wide range of university and community-based clubs, there is something for every student. View the full list of clubs here.

Notre Dame Social Justice
This organization works to create a kind and just world through different community initiatives.

Notre Dame Ski and Board
Practice your skiing and boarding skills both on the snow and in the water.

Rural Health Organization of the University of Notre Dame
ROUNDS works to educate and inform members about rural, remote and Indigenous health.

Peer Mentoring Program
Want to meet local students? All new students (including international students) are invited to join Notre Dame’s Mentor Program to be paired with a local student and learn about the campus and life in Australia.

University of Wollongong

With more than 130 active clubs on campus, there’s something for everyone! See a full list of clubs here.

Outdoor Club
Explore the natural beauty of Wollongong and the surrounding area through adventurous activities like hiking, canoeing and rock climbing.

UOW Business International Peer-Mentoring Network
UOW BIPMN organizes events and self-development workshops to help international students meet other students and adjust to campus life.

UOW Social Club
The UOW Social Club promotes a sense of community amongst staff, students and the community through major cross-campus, social events.

International Students Program
Want to meet local students? Connect with other international students through social events and find helpful international student resources online. See more here.

Academic Resources

Campus Academic Resources

Your host university offers academic resources on campus to help support your learning needs and thrive in your courses. If you need help with a certain subject, guidance on exam writing or additional academic support, just take a look below.

University of Sydney

The Learning Centre offers workshops and individual consultations to help you with your academic communication, learning and research needs. You can read more about the available resources and set up an appointment here.

University of Technology, Sydney

The Higher Education Language and Presentation Support (HELPS) offers workshops, one-to-one consultations and assignment support. You can read more about the available resources and set up an appointment here.

Macquarie University

The Learning Skills Unit provides free workshops, consultations and online resources to help with academic writing, referencing, exam strategies and more. You can read more about the available resources and set up an appointment here.

University of New South Wales

The Learning Centre offers writing workshops and individual consultations. You can read more about the available resources and set up an appointment here.

University of Notre Dame – Sydney

The Study Centre offers academic support, workshops and help editing papers. You can read more about the available resources and set up an appointment here.

University of Wollongong

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) connects you with students who have excelled in a particular subject to help you with your courses. The Learning Development team also provides free academic resources, seminars and consultations. They have online services as well as in-person sessions for all areas of study. You can read more here.

Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness

Australians love to stay active.Keep reading to see what on-campus gyms, fitness classes and sports facilities your host university offers.

University of Sydney

University of Sydney has two health and fitness centers offering 65+ group fitness classes per week, 220+ pieces of cardio and pin-loaded resistance equipment, 16 tennis courts, 7 squash courts, a 50-meter 8-lane indoor heated swimming pool, 4 full size basketball courts and a 300m² indoor rock climbing center. Learn more and see what pass will best fit your needs here.

University of Technology, Sydney

UTS Gym offers members unlimited use of their state-of-the-art gym facilities, access to group exercise classes and some of Sydney’s most experienced personal trainers with 1-month memberships costing around $135 AUD. Learn more here.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Center offers a fully equipped health club, group fitness classes, small group training, indoor and outdoor pools, court hire, and social sport sessions and competitions. A range of memberships are available to fit your lifestyle needs. Learn more here.

University of New South Wales

The UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Center offers a health club, indoor sports hall, spin room, 50-meter indoor heated pool, a group fitness studio and more. Memberships can be around $100-$150 AUD a month. Learn more here.

University of Notre Dame – Sydney

The University of Notre Dame offers a state-of-the-art gymnasium features and array of aerobic machines, weight machines, and free weights. Memberships range from $30-$115 AUD. Learn more here.

University of Wollongong

Students can sign up for a membership with UniActive for about $40 AUD a month. This provides access to the campus gym, outdoor heated swimming pool, multiple sports halls and outdoor courts. Learn more here.

Dining and Errands

Dining and Errands

From on-campus canteens and convenience stores to nearby restaurants, cafes and grocery stores, there are plenty of places to find food and stock up on necessities. Scroll down to see where to go shopping, eat out and run errands around your university.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney has several cafes (including a cereal cafe!), bars and coffee shops that you can read about here.

Right next to campus is the Broadway Shopping Center where you can find major grocery stores (including Aldi and Coles), department stores, discount stores and more. There are dining options, including a number of international restaurants, fast food chains and fine dining. There is also a post office, pharmacy and ATMs for all major banks.

University of Technology, Sydney

There are several cafes on campus but one of the biggest draws is the student-run Bluebird Brekkie/Night Owl Noodles in the heart of campus that offers FREE breakfast and noodle bowls. See more here on their Facebook page.

UTS is located right in downtown Sydney, so you have close access to a number of other cafes, restaurants and shops! Across the road from UTS is Central Park Sydney where you can find Woolworths for groceries, banks and ATMs, a food court, medical center, bakery and pharmacy. Across the road is also Spice Alley that has a bunch of Asian food choices – see more here.

Macquarie University

The Campus Hub offers a variety of eating options in the food court, as well as a bookshop, convenience store, postal service, travel agent, hair salon and a bar. You also have easy access to nearby grocery stores, including Miracle Supermarket, Aldi and Coles. Macquarie Centre is right next to campus and has a number of coffee shops, restaurants and department stores. There are also banks and a medical center. You can see more here.

University of New South Wales

There is a small but well-stocked grocery store on campus along with several other convenience stores both on and immediately off campus. The closest large grocery stores (Coles and Woolworths) are in Randwick, about a 15-minute walk from campus or one stop on the tram. There is also a grocery store a 10-minute walk from Coogee Beach apartment housing. There are dozens of restaurants to eat at on campus, including short-order options, take out, sit-down dining and several food hall areas. Some popular restaurants include The White House, Coco Cubano and Penny Lane. You can read more here.

University of Notre Dame – Sydney

The Broadway Shopping Center is a 2-minute walk from campus where you can find major grocery stores (including Aldi and Coles), department stores, discount stores and more. Dining options include a number of international restaurants, fast food chains and fine dining. There is also a post office, pharmacies and ATMs for all major banks. The Paddy’s Market sells fresh food and offers cheap food options on Sundays.

University of Wollongong

The IGA University of Wollongong grocery store is conveniently located on campus for all your essentials. There are also many great places to grab coffee and food on campus. A few of the most popular cafes are The Yard UOW, Pitt Stop and Café On Campus. If you’re looking for a lunch spot, check out Delish, Fuel or The Gardens.

Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Some students choose to have a job while they are studying abroad in Australia. It is a great way to meet other people and get into Australian life while earning some money. Please remember your student visa restrictions, you are only legally allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight (every 2 weeks).

If you do plan on working then you have to apply for a Tax File Number. This is similar to the social security number you have back home. If you don’t have a Tax File number, then your employer can charge you at a very high tax rate (46.5%). To prevent this, it’s best to apply for a Tax File Number first and let your employer know what it is.

It can all be done on line at the above link and you will receive your Tax File number fairly quickly. You have up to 28 days to provide your employer with your tax file number, from the date you start working for them. You should be eligible for most of the tax to be paid back to you, after you leave the country, learn more here.

To do this, you can go to the above website after July 1 and apply for your tax back. The Australian financial year runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June each year – people get their tax back after July 1st each year. So, we are just applying for our tax back now, for last financial year. Another option, if you want to try and receive the money sooner, is to go to any newsagent and see if they have any Tax Packs. You can complete this now and just cross out the dates – as your date will be the financial year 17/18. Make sure you complete and lodge this form before you leave the country, so that you can claim back your tax! All the information about how to lodge the form, will be in the Tax Pack and at the ATO website.

Job Inquiries

When you are inquiring or applying for a job, it is always best to inquire in person. Ask to speak with the manager. This shows you are confident and have initiative, and they will take your inquiry more seriously. When inquiring about positions available in cafes, restaurants or bars, it is best to inquire during slow service periods. Most have a lunch and dinner service, which can get very busy and stressful for staff, so they are less likely to take the time to help you, or will assume you donʼt have any experience in the industry.


Be well groomed, punctual and polite. Guys should be clean-shaven and girls should tie their hair back if possible. Most places will expect this of you when you are working so it makes sense that you apply looking the same. Wear something appropriate. Best not to wear shorts, hats, torn jeans or thongs (flip flops) for an interview or when you apply. Smart casual is appropriate. Most cafes, restaurants and bars require you to wear black shoes with black pants while working. Depending on the venue they may have a uniform/shirt for all staff, some places may not.

Helpful Tips
  • Be friendly and outgoing, but not overconfident
  • Always bring several copies of your current resume with you when you apply
  • Your availability is very important to employers and the more days you are available to work, the more likely youʼll get a job. Friday and Saturdays tend to be the busiest times for a lot of venues and if youʼre not available on weekends, most places wonʼt consider your application
  • Always wear a smile and be friendly
  • If you donʼt know something, just ask
Online Job Search Websites

Search online for part time/casual work filtered by job type and location. You can register (free) for the sites below and have suitable jobs emailed to you daily. You can also download the SEEK or Indeed app for your phone.

On Campus Jobs

Visit the Careers Advisor on Campus. They can give you access to their website which lists some part time and casual jobs both on and off campus. They can also advise on your resume which may be helpful.

Job Location Recommendations

Sydney CBD – Westfield and Pitt Street Mall (5-minute walk from Town Hall Station)
UNSW and Eastern Suburbs – Westfield Eastgardens, Royal Randwick Shopping centre
Coogee – Coogee Bay Road is home to several eateries. If you are looking for bar work you could try Coogee Pavilion, Coogee Bay Hotel or Coogee Diggers
Newtown – King St (if you would like to experience a more alternative part of Sydney, Newtown is easily accessible via train and has a buzzing nightlife. It also has hundreds of cafes, restaurants and shops)
Paddington – Oxford St and Crown St There are several shops and bars running the length of Oxford st and Crown st. There are also a couple of bars on Cleveland St such as The Norfolk Hotel and Bar Cleveland, The Unicorn Hotel, the Clock Hotel and The White Horse on Crown St.
Randwick – Perouse Rd (close to the UNSW, plenty of restaurants, cafes, the Ritz Cinema)

RSA and Barista Training

If you interested in bar work or working in a cafe, you will need to enroll in the Responsible Service of Alcohol class (RSA) or a barista class in order to better secure your chances of being hired. Obtaining this certification will greatly increase your chances of securing a job although not all cafes require their baristas to complete it. Keep in mind that in NSW some hotels/venues will also require you to attend a Responsible Conduct of Gambling class (RCG). If you have a particular workplace in mind you may need to check if this is necessary on top of your RSA.

Sydney Transport

Getting Around Town and to Class

Sydney has one of the best public transport systems, making it easy for you to get around the city. You’ll need to purchase an Opal Card to get around the city, and this can be used for all buses, trains, light rails, and ferries. We recommend downloading CityMapper, a free app, that can help with any planning of travel around the city.

Uber in Australia

Uber works the same as it does back home in the States. Simply download the app and order a ride for pick-up. They tend to be a similar price as taking a taxi in the city. Always look for public transport options first, they’re cheaper!

Popular Routes

Buses to UNSW
Bondi Junction to UNSW – 400, 348, 418, 313, 314
Coogee to UNSW – 314, 370, 374, 376

Buses to University of Sydney<
Bondi Junction to U Syd – 352, 355
Central to U Syd – 422/423/426/428/M30

Train to Macquarie University
Central to Macquarie University – T1 Epping

Train from Newcastle to Sydney
Train from Newcastle to Sydney Central – Hamilton, Platform 1 to Central

Train from Wollongong to Sydney
Train from Wollongong to Sydney Central – Wollongong Station, Platform 1 to Central

Train to the Airport
Train to/from Sydney Airport – T2 Kingsgrove
Domestic and International terminals are separate stops, costs $19.40 AUD

Travel by Ferry
Manly Ferry to Circular Quay – F1 Manly Wharf to Circular Quay, Wharf 2
Circular Quay to Luna Park – F4, Wharf 4

Lost Passport

Lost Passport

Remain calm – it will be okay! The first thing you need to do if you are sure that your passport is lost, is to report it as missing to the local police. They will give you a report number to hold on to. You then need to go through the steps below to get an emergency passport. Read more on the U.S. Embassy website.

Important Contact Info


To contact the police, fire depart or for an ambulance in case of emergencies: 000

TEAN Staff

Laura Carroll
Resident Director – NSW
0422 445 224 or laura.carroll@teanabroad.org

Bailey Wilson
Resident Assistant – Sydney
0402 725 823 or bailey.wilson@teanabroad.org

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