This page provides information and instructions for booking flights for TEAN’s Fall 2022 programs in New Zealand. Please start by reading the flight information, and then select your specific program for more detailed flight information. Once you have booked your flight, please upload your flight itinerary which is now available in your TEAN application.

New Zealand Flight Information

Booking Your Flights

TEAN partners with Student Universe to offer students a simple way to book their flights. We recommend booking with Student Universe however it is not a requirement.  

 Important: Do not book your flights until you have received the flight booking instruction email from your Program Manager. 

TEAN strongly recommends that you purchase refundable airfare or flights with flexibility. If you purchase non-refundable tickets for the current arrival date and the date changes for any reason including entry and quarantine requirement changes, visa processing issues or COVID-19 test results, you will be responsible for the cost to change your flights.   

Arrival in New Zealand

  • You must arrive in Auckland, New Zealand, between 5:30AM and 9:00 AM on your program’s specific arrival day in order to be eligible for the airport transfer. Most international flights coming from the US arrive early in the morning. 
  • If you arrive later than 9:00 AM, you will be responsible for making your own way to the orientation accommodation and may risk missing out on the TEAN Welcome Session and Dinner.

Flying from auckland to Host City

You are responsible for booking your flight from Auckland to your host city at the end of the TEAN Orientation. You need to book your flight from Auckland to your host city no earlier than 4:00 PM on the last day of orientation. Specific arrival times are provided under each university tab below. 

Return Dates

  • The housing move-out date and corresponding return flight is typically one day after the last possible exam for each university. Please reference the Program Calendar if you have any questions about your particular move-out day.
  • Some students change their return tickets based on their personal exam schedule. Students will not receive their exam schedule until they arrive overseas. If a student decides to change their return date at that time, please keep the following in mind:
    • Students that finish exams early are more than welcome to stay until the last day of the program.
      You need to work with Student Universe or the company/airline you booked through directly to adjust your ticket(s) .
    • Be aware of any change fees or fees associated with increases in fare rates, taxes or fuel surcharges as this will vary from airline to airline.

Important tip: If you need to change your return date home do NOT wait until the last minute. There are many students trying to return home during this busy period, which may limit availability and discounted fare classes.

If you do decide to book a return flight prior to your program’s end date, it’s important to note that there is a possibility that you will have to change your flight to stay for any necessary final exams. New Zealand universities do not allow students to take final exams early or remotely. Students who do not attend final exams will not receive credit for their course.

Baggage Allowance

  • Each airline has different baggage allowances, so it is imperative that you check with the airline for your luggage allowance. If you do not double check, it may lead to additional baggage charges during your travel days. 
  • Adding your domestic connection to your international ticket helps ensure that you will have your international luggage allowance for all of your flights. 
  • Adding extra bags to your flights can be very expensive. We will be providing a suggested packing list and tips for packing light prior to your departure. This is particularly true if you’re flying with different airlines throughout your ticket. 

Important Booking Notes

  • Accommodation will be provided for students arriving on the specified arrival date, but it will not be available prior to that. 
  • Be careful when looking at arrival dates/times. Double check dates and times to ensure you arrive on the correct day. 
  • Be sure to allow at least a 3-hour window of time between domestic and international connections. If you need to re-check your bags in any domestic US airport, you should allow 3-5 hours between flights. This may seem like a long time but, considering potential flight details, it is better to wait at the airport for your international flight than to miss your flight overseas. 
  • The airfare will vary in cost depending on when you book your flight and which airline you choose. Student Universe will be able to provide the most relevant and up to date options for you.  
  • Airfare costs can vary greatly from one departure city to another. If you live close to multiple departure cities, we encourage you to research flight options through each departure location. You may find that by driving to a slightly farther departure city/airport, you can save a significant amount in airfare costs. 
  • Always read the terms and conditions for the airline and the ticket you are booking. You’ll want to research things like fees for date changes, cancellation policies and baggage allowance.  
  • Please strongly consider purchasing trip insurance on all your flights, as you will be protecting your large purchase from possible interruptions to your trip.  
  • Pay attention to any cancellation policies, ticketing fees and baggage fees. Many great deals are non-refundable and have quite a few rules and regulations for use. Again, TEAN strongly recommends that you book flexible or refundable airfare. 
  • We strongly encourage you to do your research on various websites before finalizing your flight booking to ensure you’re getting the best value. Keep in mind that sometimes sites like Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline, etc. will have less expensive fares but do not always provide the best customer service in times of need (missed flights, getting rebooked, changing your itinerary, and so on). We recommend booking with Student Universe or with the airline directly. That said, if the fare is significantly less expensive and you feel comfortable with what you are booking, the final decision is at your discretion. Please be sure you read the terms and conditions and other fine print before booking through a discount airfare site. 

special covid-19 considerations

Planning for an international trip and booking flights during the COVID-19 pandemic presents additional challenges. Please take the following into consideration as you make your plans to study abroad in 2022:  

  • As mentioned above, TEAN strongly recommends that you purchase refundable, flexible or insured airfare, even under normal circumstances. Should your TEAN program be cancelled or interrupted for any reason, TEAN will not refund or reimburse you for non-program costs, such as airfare 
  • Currently, New Zealand is requiring travelers to take a COVID-19 PCR test and receive the negative results within 48 hours of departure from the US. Travelers must present the negative test result prior to boarding your flight. Your airline will not permit you to board your flight without a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 48 hours. TEAN will send you additional details on this requirement closer to departure. 
  • New Zealand requires travelers to complete the New Zealand Traveller Declaration before traveling to New Zealand. You will be asked to show your Traveller Pass at check-in by your airline and on arrival in New Zealand. Your Program Manager will send you instructions for completing the declaration. 
  • The New Zealand government requires travelers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  
  • Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 may be required for boarding depending on your airline and New Zealand government requirements. 
  • Given varying and rapidly changing COVID-19 protocols, TEAN strongly encourages purchasing flights without international layovers, if possible. Flying directly from your home country (US connections are OK) to Auckland, New Zealand will minimize the chance of travel complications. If you must have an international layover, it is your responsibility to confirm any COVID related restrictions, policies, and protocols for the country you are transiting through.   

Before you Make your Booking

  1. Have you been accepted to study abroad with TEAN in New Zealand for Fall 2022? 
  2. Do you feel comfortable with the flight booking procedures? 

If you answered YES to both questions, please read below for instructions on how to book your flight through Student Universe. 

If you answered NO – please call us on 312-239-3710 with questions before you proceed. Or, you can email Kate Hilby ( 

How to book your Flight

If you’d like to book with Student Universe, please complete this form so they can reach out to you directly. Be sure to include your specific program name, dates of travel and locations. 

University of Auckland

University of Auckland

July 3: Depart USA
July 5:
Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer)
Recommended return date
November 15:  Auckland > USA

AUT University

AUT University

July 3:  Depart USA 
July 5:  Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer) 
Recommended return date November 12:Auckland > USA

Massey University - Palmerston North

Massey University – Palmerston North

This program is not running for Fall 2022. 

Massey University - Wellington

Massey University – Wellington

This program is not running for Fall 2022. 

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington

June 28: Depart USA 
June 30:
Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer)
July 3:
Auckland > Wellington (Flight must depart after 4:00 PM)
Recommended return date
November 13: Wellington > USA

University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury

July 3: Depart USA
July 5:
Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer)
July 8:
Auckland > Christchurch (Flight must depart after 4:00 PM)
Recommended return date
November 13: Christchurch > U.S.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University

July 3: Depart USA
July 5:
Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer)
July 8:
Auckland > Christchurch (Flight must depart after 4:00 PM)
Recommended return date
 November 11: Christchurch > USA

University of Otago

University of Otago

June 28:Depart USA 
June 30: Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer) 
July 3:Auckland > Dunedin (Flight must depart after 4:00 PM) 
Recommended return date November 13: Dunedin > USA 

University of Waikato

University of Waikato

July 3:Depart USA 
July 5: Arrive Auckland (arrive by 9:00 AM to be eligible for TEAN airport transfer) 
July 8: You do not need a flight on this date as you will be transferred by bus to Hamilton from Auckland/Rotorua
Recommended return date November 12: Auckland > USA 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrive after/before the arrival window?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. As a reminder, you will need to arrive in Auckland by 9:00 AM to be eligible for the TEAN arranged airport transfer. If you arrive after 9:00 AM, you will need to arrange your own airport transfer. Your Program Manager will be in touch with you if you indicate you are arriving outside the arrival time.

Do I have to book a return flight?
You don’t have to book your return flight now if you’re not sure what your plans are going to be at the end of your semester. That said, it can oftentimes be more economical to book it all in one ticket. If you don’t book your return flight, you will need to show that you have enough funds to purchase outward travel for your visa. This will be covered when the visa information. 

How should I get to my international gateway airport?
You’ll want to add your home airport to your international ticket as you will typically get international luggage allowance that way. So, you would start your flight search by inputting your home airport. Including your US domestic flight on your international ticket also means if there are any travel disruptions, you’ll get rebooked more easily. 

Is there a group flight or specific itinerary to follow?
No, we have stopped utilizing group flights as we found that holding a block of seats actually drives the ticket prices up for students. It also allows more flexibility for students to book their individual itineraries. If you have any questions about a particular itinerary, please just let us know. 

Does TEAN need my flight information?
Yes! We require that you upload your flight itinerary to your TEAN Application under “Upload Copy of your Flight Itinerary” 

Do I go to Auckland or my host city first?
You will spend the first four days of your semester abroad in Auckland and Rotorua for the TEAN Orientation which means you’ll fly to Auckland before your host city. Then, at the end of the TEAN Orientation, you will fly from Auckland to your host city.  

How do I get from Auckland to my host city?
You are responsible for booking your flights from Auckland to your host city. Please see the tabs above for your relevant program and the dates of travel.   

Note: If you are studying in Auckland or Hamilton for the semester, you will not need to book a flight at the end of orientation as you will take the TEAN arranged bus back to Auckland. 

How many bags can I have?
You need to check with the airline for baggage allowances as they differ by airline and by international or domestic. We strongly recommend that you confirm your luggage allowance before you travel to avoid expensive charges for additional bags or overweight luggage.  

Can I arrive before orientation and travel on my own/with family?
Absolutely! If you are planning to go to New Zealand early or travel in Australia or Southeast Asia prior to your semester starting, you can certainly arrive before the first day of orientation. You will need to make your own arrangements for airport transfers and any accommodation required prior to the first day of orientation. Your Program Manager can provide more details for this. Also note you will need to understand any entry restrictions if traveling to other countries before arriving in New Zealand.  

Will someone meet me at the airport?
Yes, TEAN staff will meet you in the International Arrivals Hall at Auckland Airport if you arrive within the arrival window.  

Offset Your Carbon Footprint


Team up with TEAN to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from air travel! 

What is carbon offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions produced from industrial or other human activity by participating in activities or programs designed to reduce the equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

How do I calculate my carbon emissions?
Visit the free Carbon Footprint calculator page to access a user-friendly calculator that will guide you through the quick process of calculating your carbon.  We encourage you to utilize the emissions calculator to estimate how much carbon is entering the atmosphere from your flight overseas. Through TEAN activities or utilizing companies that Carbon Footprint Ltd is associated with, you will have plenty of ample opportunities to offset your carbon throughout your semester abroad and better understand the many ways in which you can make a positive environmental impact.  The Choose Earth Team at TEAN is always happy to assist you with your calculations, so please don’t hesitate to ask us for help! 

What can I do to offset my carbon emissions?
TEAN will suggest plenty of opportunities to Choose Earth while you are abroad that will help offset your carbon emissions from your international flight. Following their helpful tips and offsetting your flight is the best way to start reducing your overall carbon footprint while abroad. 

If you would like to do more – and we hope that you do! We encourage you to donate the monetary amount estimated by the calculator through Carbon Footprint Ltd.’s partnerships with multiple certified eco-friendly companies. That way, you can directly contribute to programs that help offset the carbon emitted from your flights, helping to make a global impact. Contributions from climate conscious consumers assist in developing projects that promote clean technology. The beauty of this particular program is that you can choose from a variety of charitable causes that are personal to you, as opposed to a single monetary donation to an airline where you may not beg sure if your money is going exactly where you intend it to. Through Carbon Footprint Ltd, you have the power to choose when and how your carbon emissions are offset.