Singapore has so much to offer that you won’t run out of things to do, food to try and places to visit. Here are ten reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Singapore.

The Location

Most students who want to do a lot of traveling to different countries think of going to Europe, but Singapore is a great hub for traveling too. Singapore is in Southeast Asia, which is also home to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. You can easily travel by train, plane or boat and hop over to any of these surrounding countries.

TEAN Alum Grace Farley on a trip in Thailand - she studied abroad in Singapore
TEAN Alum Grace Farley on a trip in Thailand – she studied abroad in Singapore

The Language

Singapore is often confused for a Chinese-speaking destination but you will quickly find that almost everyone speaks at least two languages and prefers to communicate in English. In fact, English is the official educational language, so classroom instruction is in English. This allows for an easier transition into a new environment both in and outside of the classroom and an incredibly rich opportunity to learn about many cultures through day-to-day interactions.

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Big on Education

Singapore is quite often referred to as the “The Little Red Dot” because it’s usually covered by pin-drops on most digital maps. However, it should be called the “The Big Gold Star” for its strong academics. Many of Asia’s universities are considered superstars in global higher education rankings and Singapore is uniquely positioning itself for educational excellence. Singapore Management University is the country’s youngest university and has accomplished a lot in its short 16 years by obtaining both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation. It is now among the top five in world accounting rankings, too.

Library at Singapore Management University (SMU)
Library at Singapore Management University (SMU)

It’s a City of the Future

While other countries dream of building an ultra-modern city, Singapore is currently doing it. With the signature boat-shaped MBS complex dominating marina bay area, this building alone has put its definitive stamp on the Singapore modern skyline. Study abroad in the city center where old-world and new-world come together in Southeast Asia.


Safety First

Not allowing chewing gum keeps Singapore safe. It’s a stretch (pun intended), but here’s why. Besides avoiding premeditated gum-in-hair attacks, Singapore’s strictly enforced laws have a direct correlation to low crime rates. While sometimes it might seem that Singapore is uptight with its strict laws, the benefit is that it is the second safest city in the world behind Tokyo according to The Economist’s 2015 Safe Cities Index. Streets, trains and buses are exceptionally secure and allow travelers and international students alike a real sense of safety and the ability to relax and enjoy their environment.

Incredible Food Anytime

Yes, you’ll be here to study, but if food is your passion, then there’s no better place for a foodie than Singapore. Locals eat at least two out of three meals each day outside of their homes. Why? There are food courts, restaurants and almost every type of cuisine available around the clock. With an extraordinary breadth and depth of local and international cuisine, your studies will be perfectly balanced with incredible food.



One of the most common misconceptions about Singapore is that it is outrageously expensive. Unless you are planning to buy a house or a car, you can actually live in the city very inexpensively. Don’t like cooking? Well, let someone else do the cooking for you at the local hawker stands or small local restaurants for under $5 a meal.

Public Transportation

Not only is the public transportation inexpensive, it is incredibly easy to use. The signs are written in English and all of the stops on the trains and buses are announced in English. You can get anywhere in the city on the trains and buses without worrying about getting lost because the friendly locals are always willing to help! The public transportation is extraordinarily clean, so you can take a seat and relax while zipping around the city.


TEAN Housing

Housing in Singapore can be difficult to arrange, especially for international students. However, TEAN will hook you up with an incredible experience in a TEAN-managed apartment within a few blocks of SMU’s campus. With excellent amenities including a pool and tennis court on-site, you will surely love having a fantastic apartment that you can call home for your time in Singapore.

View over the pool from the TEAN Off-Campus Apartments

Cultural melting pot

As a study abroad destination, Singapore enables you to experience many different cultures. There are several cultural enclaves within Singapore where you can explore authentic Chinese, Indian, Arab and Malaysian neighborhoods but easily navigate your way around all the country. Since just about everyone speaks English, it is incredibly easy to get around and settle into the country while still having so many diverse cultures all around.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore's Chinatown
The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore’s Chinatown

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