As an avid sunrise chaser, I felt that it was only fitting to write a blog post abroad highlighting the best places to see the sunrise on the Gold Coast. During my first few weeks here I have been able to catch the sunrise from a few different spots along the Gold Coast and still have a few more to check out. Anyways, I could probably show you better than I could tell you, so here they are:


Broadbeach is the perfect place to see the sunrise if you’re looking for a private beach type feel. It has been the only place that I’ve been to that isn’t mobbed with people trying to get that perfect Instagram picture and getting in the way of your view. The Surfers Paradise skyline in the near distance also makes for some cool views along the coast.


Surfers Paradise Beach

The best place to sit and watch the sunrise from a seat on the beach. You’re sure to see a lot of people here at sunrise and afterwards there are some great places to get breakfast right across the street.


Burleigh Heads Lookout

Burleigh Heads lookout gives you a view from above and great views of the ocean an skyline together. Definitely a great place to go if you want a different view of the coast, just be sure to get there early as theres a small observation deck that was pretty crowded by the time I got up there.


The Spit – Surfers Paradise

The Spit is a little out of the way and hard to find, but once you get there, the jetty going off into the water brings a different perspective of sunrise. There was almost no one else on the beach here and even though it was out of the way, still a great spot to go to.