Considering interning abroad in Australia? You should definitely do it. Here’s why:

1. Great Resume Builder

Interning abroad is an amazing way to build your resume. Not only will you be building a global network to help with your future job search, but by having experience working abroad your job applications will automatically stand out to potential employers. We are living in a globalized society and companies want their employees to have an understanding and respect for cultural differences –  an internship abroad will provide you with exactly that.

Making friends at my internship placement in Australia
A photo from my internship – celebrating my birthday in the office

2. No Language Barrier

Being dropped in a country filled with people who do not speak the same language is rewarding for a number of reasons. However, if you are like me and didn’t pay enough attention during language class in high school, you may not feel like you could survive an internship abroad using a foreign language. English speakers have no fear because Australia is the place for you. While you may learn some new words and phrases, you won’t have to worry about effectively getting your idea across or understanding more complex ideas.

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3. Diverse Cultural Experience

Despite Australia’s national language being English and having similar qualities to that of the United States, Australia provides distinct and unique cultural experiences. Whether it’s exposure to new business etiquette or taking part in the country’s diverse cultural traditions and customs, Australia will open you up to a new way of viewing the world, your place in it and how you want to make a difference down the road.

4. Natural Beauty

Granted, I am a bit biased as a foreign intern in Oz myself, but Australia is one of the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to visit! While the whole point of interning abroad is to work, Australia has some amazing places to visit and sites to see after hours. Whether you are taking a post-workday walk around a nearby tourist locale or spend the weekend sailing on beautiful blue waters, Australia’s natural beauty will provide you with everything you need to unwind outdoors after a fulfilling workweek.

Australia is a beautiful natural environment to enjoy during your internship abroad
The setting of the sun adds a warmth to the grounds of Sydney’s Botanical Garden. It’s a beautiful spot with picturesque views of the famous Opera House and a relaxing area to wind down after a week of work! | TEAN Alum Emma Beck

5. Experience Life In The Real World

Everyone knows that college is the time to discover yourself and begin developing into the person you want to be throughout your adult life. However, sometimes college can be a sheltering experience if you don’t explore new opportunities and challenge yourself. By taking the leap and deciding to intern abroad, you are not only getting out of your comfort zone, but also taking the next step to becoming an adult and putting yourself in the real world all while experiencing the beauty of an amazing new country.

By interning abroad you will develop both professionally and personally, and be even more ready for the critical transition from college to career.

Kate Den Houter is a TEAN Alum and student at Michigan State University. She interned abroad with TEAN in Sydney, Australia.