Located in Seoul, Korea University is one of South Korea’s leading private universities and is on par with the Ivy League system in the U.S. TEAN’s South Korea study abroad programs are all based here so we wanted to share some interesting facts about this stunning urban school.

1. Korea University host professors from around the world

Korea University’s summer program courses are taught by both KU professors and faculty from renowned institutions around the world. The summer program is one of the most popular summer programs in Asia and courses are taught by faculty from leading global institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Stanford and University of Oxford.

2. There are so many hills

Students may be surprised to learn that 70% of Korea is mountainous and the Korea University campus is no exception. You will quickly learn that you won’t need to squeeze in tough gym sessions as you’ll get quite the workout walking to your classes and uphill back to the international dorms.

3. The KUBA program is awesome

The Korea University Buddy Assist Program (KUBA) is definitely a highlight of the program. Your KUBA is your KU student resource for local tips, fun activities, assistance with KU questions, and a plethora of information about ways to get involved in the KU community. The KUBA program also plans fun events throughout the term to ensure you have the best possible experience you can have during your time at KU.

Your KUBA is there to help you throughout the program | Justin Nolan, Drake University

4. There is a student club for everyone

Korea University has hundreds of clubs and student organizations to join and international students are strongly encouraged to get involved. Clubs range from photography to ping pong. There is a directory online that you can browse to see what your interested in and you can also ask your KUBA for suggestions.

5. School spirit is important

Students are proud to attend Korea University and that shows when it comes to their school spirit. The school color is crimson and the symbol of both Korea University and Korea is the tiger. The tiger is important because represents KU’s spirit of courage, determination, agility and dignity. Also, if you hear music coming from the clock tower of the liberal arts building at 9am every morning, you are listening to the school song.

Korea University school spirit
Every fall rivals Korea University and Yonsei University hold five different sporting events in one weekend, uniting the students through cheering. | Alicia Anderson, Drake University

6. You can go ice skating on campus

The KU ice rink is open year round for both students and the public. Perhaps this helped notable university alum, Kim Yuna win gold in the 2010 olympics for figure skating!

7. Korea University has an amazing library

KU’S four libraries hold 2.7 million books making it one of the largest academic library systems in South Korea! You don’t even need to step into a library in order to rent a book you are interested in; you can simply reserve your book online and then pick it up at one of the library machines (which looks like a vending machine) around campus.

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