Annyeong Haseyo! Interested in studying abroad in Korea? Let us introduce you to Busan, a laid-back city with a lot to offer. Whether your jam is spending time in the great outdoors, sunbathing at the beach, perfecting your pop star poses in a karaoke bar or chilling on campus, South Korea’s second largest city has something for everyone.

Here are seven reasons why you will love studying abroad in Busan:

1. It offers the best of both worlds

You won’t have to choose between urban life or the great outdoors here! With a population of almost 3.5 million, Busan is certainly considered a big city, but it’s more laid-back than Seoul. Its seaside location gives visitors access to several breathtaking beaches and the area is also quite mountainous, making for some gorgeous hikes and beautiful viewpoints. Busan offers metropolitan vibes and a cosmopolitan crowd combined with a diverse natural landscape – perfect if you’re looking for a location that truly has it all.

Haeundae Beach at sunset
Haeundae Beach in Busan. Photo by TEAN Staff, Allison Kelley

2. It’s in a great position to explore the region

Busan’s location on South Korea’s southern coast is in close proximity to Gyeongju (the nation’s former capital), Tsushima Island and even southern parts of Japan. Busan is also well-connected to the rest of South Korea via the country’s rail system. Take advantage of the high-speed express trains and the KORAIL pass, which is available to foreign visitors, to see as much as possible. In Korea, the journey is just as cool as the destination!

3. You’ll study at one of the best national universities in South Korea

Listed in the 2019 QS World University Rankings’ Top 100 Universities in Asia, Pusan National University is known as a world-class research-oriented institution. Revered for its humanities-based education, PNU offers a range of classes in business, global studies and Asian Studies while featuring a campus with a welcoming, small town feel – a good juxtaposition in the big city. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with a Korean language course!

Pusan National University campus
PNU campus, photo by TEAN Staff, Allison Kelley

4. It won’t break the bank

You really do get more bang for your buck in Busan! The TEAN semester program at PNU is one of our most affordable on offer – plus, there are many free activities to do and cheap delicacies to try while you’re living here. Explore the city via hiking trails, search for a great deal in one of the many markets, or fill up on some of South Korea’s most tantalizing traditional dishes, often for under USD$5.

5. It will set you apart in the job market

Studying abroad is a valuable experience regardless of where you go…but why not do it in a location that will stand out on your resume? Busan is a unique destination for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it will catch employers’ eyes in an increasingly competitive job market. With a rapidly growing economy and international presence, Korea is an exciting place to live, study and gain a unique global perspective.

Busan and blue skies

6. You can appreciate Busan’s traditional and storied past

Busan is home to a plethora of beautiful Buddhist temples (including Korea’s only seaside temple), markets that bear significance to Busan’s important role as a trading post and informative museums that detail Busan’s war history. You won’t have to search far to gain a deep understanding of how South Korea became an economic and political powerhouse of Asia.

7. You’ll immerse yourself in Korea’s vibrant and unique modern culture

Ever tried kimchi? Looking for beauty tips to stay looking eternally young? You’ll definitely find yourself enjoying at least a few quirky aspects of Korean culture during your time in Busan. Prepare for all-night karaoke and never-ending side dishes (you’ll see what we mean at your first Korean BBQ meal). We can’t guarantee you’ll become the next worldwide K-Pop sensation, but you’ll certainly have a few favorite songs to perform for your friends when you return from your incredible semester abroad!

Do you we have you hooked on studying abroad in Busan yet? Learn more about TEAN’s summer and semester programs at PNU!