We want to send you on an adventure for FREE. Apply before September 30, 2016 for any TEAN Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea Spring 2017 semester study abroad program to automatically receive an amazing adventure for your study abroad destination!

SkyPoint Observation Deck | Photo by Dillon Danforth, University of Rhode Island
View form SkyPoint Observation Deck | Photo by Dillon Danforth, University of Rhode Island



We want to send you on a jet boat ride for FREE in Australia. Experience the thrill of jet boating as a bonus adventure during your Australia Orientation in Cairns.


Take in beautiful 360 degree views of the Gold Coast from the top of the SkyPoint Observation Deck at the top of Q1. A must-do during your semester on the Gold Coast.


Spend a day at the brand new Shanghai Disneyland that just opened over summer 2016. You will see the the tallest Disney castle in the world, plus all the new attractions unique to the Shanghai park.

New Zealand

The Skyline luge is a must-do in Queenstown, and we want to send you during your TEAN Orientation. Take the gondola up and then race down the track in your cart with beautiful views of New Zealand’s South Island surrounding you.


Explore the rainforest at dusk on the Night Safari in Singapore and come face to face with some unique nocturnal creatures. The Night Safari is home to more than 1,000 animals in eight geographical areas.

South Korea

Spend a day at Lotte World; named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s LARGEST indoor theme park in the heart of Seoul. It also boasts an adjacent outdoor amusement park, Magic Island. The parks feature thrill rides, laser shows, games, 3D films, marine life, and so much more!


Relax with a Thai massage during the semester. We want to send you to a day spa for a traditional massage to relax – a great way to unwind.

Queenstown Luge | Photo by Jacob Battad, Rollins College who is studying abroad in New Zealand
Queenstown Luge | Photo by Jacob Battad, Rollins College who is studying abroad in New Zealand


All programs* You must complete the four steps below before September 30, 2016 to obtain your additional adventure. 

  • Select your study abroad program and submit your initial application along with your $100 application deposit.
  • Complete your TEAN Applicant Profile, Personal Statement and Emergency Contact sections of your application.
  • Submit your $500 program deposit (Refundable before the November 1, 2016 deadline).**
  • Submit a copy of official transcripts for every university attended to the address below. The Education Abroad Network 505 N LaSalle, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60654

Thailand applicants you must also complete one additional step to qualify.

  • Get a recommendation completed by an advisor or professor.

*Students applying to The Australian Semester program do not qualify for this promotion.
**If your home university pays your program deposit, you are not required to complete this step.

Jet boat ride during Australia Orientation
Jet boat ride during Australia Orientation


If a friend of mine signs up after the deadline, can they still participate?

Yes! However, other participants will need to pay TEAN for the excursion or event and it will no longer be an automatic inclusion.

Do I have to keep track of these items myself? How will I know when everything is complete?

You are responsible for working on all these checklist items, but we are here to help you. Get in touch with your Program Manager to find out what items you are still missing or if you have any questions.