Aug 19

The Best Places to Study Abroad in Australia

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Nov 10

Planning a Weekend Trip to Townsville and Magnetic Island

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Jul 11 James Cook University campus

5 Must-Do Experiences when Studying Abroad in Townsville

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Feb 22 Beautiful coral underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

5 Opportunities for Ocean Lovers Studying Abroad in Townsville

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Studying Marine Life on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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Looking Back: A Reflection on a Great Semester

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Jul 08

Top 7 Reasons to Study in Townsville, Australia

If you don’t like being cold, this is the place to be. The weather is beautiful, especially during the dry season, with low humidity, and gorgeous sunny days almost every day.

Jun 30

Oh the Places You’ll Go, and the People You’ll Meet

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A Dream Come True: Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

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May 09

Natural Beauty: 5 Must-See Australian Destinations

Not far out of Sydney is a truly wild place. There are massive waterfalls, rainforest, cliffs, and plenty of wildlife to look at.

Apr 20

A Magnetic Experience: SCUBA certification on beautiful Magnetic Island

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