Not far from Fudan University in Shanghai is the trendy street, Da Xue Lu. This street is in an area primarily developed by a Hong Kongese developer and it’s a popular place for cafes, shops and restaurants of all kinds. Study abroad students who choose to live in the TEAN off-campus apartments will be just a block off this intriguing area which is bustling with plenty of students and locals alike.

Most (if not all) restaurants have outdoor seating for the warmer months. There’s also a local artist market about once a week that sells all sorts of things such as wallets, wall art and other trinkets. Check out some of our favorite places to eat on the trendy street or grab a quick tea to go!

Hong Kong Fung Shing

While you’ll have your taste of Shanghainese cuisine while living in the metropolis, you also will have the opportunity to try all variations of Chinese and Asian cuisine. To get a feel for traditional Hong Kong food check out Hong Kong Fung Shing.


Durian – Southeast Asia’s stinky fruit – are well known in Asian cuisine and this durian-themed restaurant allows you to acquaint yourself with the “king of fruit”. You’ll find everything from crepe cakes, cheesecakes and custard, to even durian infused drinks. The decor is very cozy with lots of swinging chairs, available WiFi and chargers – a good option for a unique sweet treat after class!  No. 308 Da Xue Road

Pancake Day

Craving some American classics? This diner-style menu boasts pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict,and more. If you’re feeling a bit homesick, it’s a welcome place to get something different from the normal Chinese fare. The inside is covered in books for a library feel to make it even cozier.


Wagas is known for Western-style breakfasts, lunches and dinners. With everything from smoothies to pastas to salads, Wagas is a casual spot for a sit down meal. It has WiFi but not many places to charge your phone, so go with friends and play a round of phone stack while enjoying some delicious food.


Need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets? inWE is a cafe with a very calming atmosphere. Since there’s no WiFi available, it’s a perfect place to disconnect and enjoy a drink and treat while listening to some chill music and working on a paper. You can also sit at the counter by the window and people watch or enjoy the art inside the cafe.

81 Bakery

Stop by 81 bakery for a pastry, stuffed pretzel (yum!) or coffee to go. There’s seating if you’re planning to go with friends and savor your snacks together, but the menu stays pretty strict to their giant pastries and drinks for a quick bite.

藏珑云海 Lapis Yun

Head to this Yunnan restaurant to splurge on a nice meal to celebrate the end of courses, doing well on an exam or just to explore this southwestern region’s cuisine. Make sure to try the sweet and sour pork ribs.

城隍庙小吃 Cheng Huang Miao Snacks

Perfect for a quick meal or a snack on the way to class, this busy spot has all the local favorites made quickly. Grab a pork bao bun for just a couple yuan, or sit down for a hot meal at the end of the day. Cheng Huang Miao Snacks is very popular with both foreign students and locals!  No. 328 Da Xue Road

Whatever your agenda, Da Xue Lu has plenty of shops and places to grab a snack or meal. You’ll also find clothing, jewelry and beauty stores situated between all the tasty eats. It’s a great little community within larger Shanghai that you will definitely want to explore during your semester or summer abroad.