Bond University

1. The campus.

Honestly, do I need to say more? Bond’s campus is a gorgeous ‘uni’-bubble with several stores that are about a five minute walk away. With so many conveniences, it is easy to find everything you need on or near campus, which is useful. Not only that, but on campus there is free gym access, a pool, hot tub, beach volleyball court, and a beautiful lake to daze off at.

There are also travel agents on campus to help plan those last minute weekend or end of the semester trips. Bonus: They will always find you the cheapest flights to anywhere you want to go. If you so happen to be a flight guru and find cheaper, they will take the stress off and book it for you. Always go there for future trip planning.

Gold Coast beaches

2. The accessibility to everything on the Gold Coast.

Within only a 10-15 minute bus ride, you can be anywhere on the Gold Coast in no time and enjoy all of its glory. There are day markets, clubs, shopping, beaches, a wildlife sanctuary, and several fun events like surf competitions and music festivals that happen along the Coast.

Just imagine a gorgeous city next to a never ending beach and you got the Gold Coast. This is a huge tourist spot so if you are ever bored on the weekend and have zero trips planned, go hang out in the areas by the beaches. It is always a blast.

3. The academic calendar.

My biggest concern with studying abroad in Australia was trying to come back home in time for possible summer internships. Bond University is the only ‘uni’ that matches close enough to the American school calendar because it has tri-semesters. If you’re planning on studying abroad in Australia and this is a big concern for you, Bond is definitely your best choice. If not, do not worry I will be winning you over to study abroad at Bond with the other amazing perks.

4. Don’s Tavern

Here is the biggest surprise. Unlike most, to barely any, universities back in the U.S, Bond features their own tavern, Don’s, which is conveniently placed on campus. The tavern hosts several theme nights throughout the entire semester which can be a nice change from the normal bars. Plus, it is super close if you plan to live on or near campus.

Bond Bullsharks

5. The Bullsharks

This last perk could be personal preference, but did you see that beautiful lake in the middle of the campus? Well, sometimes Bond’s lovely mascot likes to swim in and say hello. Yes, there are actual bullsharks that swim around in the middle of the campus…small ones, but still sharks. Personally, I find it pretty awesome, also may have spotted one the other day, but others find it sort of scary. Either way, go to the pool instead if you are trying to do some laps.

Skylar Clark is a student at the University of Maryland and a TEAN Featured Blogger. Skylar is currently studying abroad with TEAN on the Gold Coast, Australia.