Now students thinking about attending a TEAN spring study abroad program can plan for even more fun.  Apply for any spring program by Sept 30, 2017 and we’ll send you on an unique bonus adventure in your host country completely FREE. You’re welcome.  From zipping down the famous Skyline luge track in Queenstown to exploring Singapore’s Night Safari, here’s what you could experience:


Strap into your safety gear and head out in a turbo-charged jet boat speeding through Cairns’ scenic beauty. This thrilling bonus adventure will get your adrenaline going as the boat zips through the water doing fast turns, power brakes and even 360s.


Ride the gondola up to the scenic viewpoint at Skyline then race down the Skyline Luge Queenstown track in your luge – part go-kart, part toboggan – as stunning views of the South Island surround you. It’s a must-do in New Zealand’s adrenaline capital!

Stole my friend’s GoPro just for this occasion.

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Explore the rainforest at dusk at Singapore’s Night Safari. Home to more than 1,000 animals, the Night Safari world’s first nocturnal zoo allowing you to come face to face with unique nighttime creatures.


Spend a day at Lotte World, the world’s largest indoor theme park, and adjacent outdoor amusement park, Magic Island, located in the heart of Seoul. The parks feature thrill rides, laser shows, games, 3D films and so much more.


Thailand is famous for its traditional massages and there couldn’t be a better introduction to the country, or your host city of Chiang Mai, than a Thai massage at the gorgeous Fah Lanna Spa. Trust us – whether you’re a girl or guy, never had a massage before or are a spa connoisseur, this is a real treat!


Discover the new Shanghai Disneyland. Just opened last June, you’ll experience some familiar rides and activities as well as attractions unique to the Shanghai park such as Adventure Isle and Gardens of Imagination, plus the tallest Disney castle in the world.

literally the happiest place on earth 👑 #disney

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Ready to go?   Remember, all parts of your application must be submitted by the early admission date of SEPT 30, 2017 to be eligible for your bonus excursion. Don’t wait!

the not so fine print

You’ll need to complete all of the following items by Sept 30, 2017. No exceptions will be made for late items.

  • Submit your application along with your $100 application deposit.*
  • Complete the TEAN Applicant Profile, Personal Statement and Emergency Contact sections of your application.
  • Submit your $500 program deposit * The program deposit is refundable if you withdraw before Nov 1, 2017 for most programs (Oct 11, 2017 for Thailand, Singapore and Bond University programs).
  • Submit a copy of official transcripts for every university attended to the address below:
    The Education Abroad Network
    505 N LaSalle, Suite 200
    Chicago, IL 60654

*If your home university pays your application or program deposit, you are not required to complete this step.


If a friend of mine signs up after the deadline, can they still participate?
Absolutely! However they will need to pay TEAN for the excursion or class – it will no longer be an automatic inclusion.

When does the activity take place?
The activity will take place either during the TEAN Orientation or on a chosen time during the program. You will be given advanced notice of that scheduled date.

Do I have to keep track of these items myself? How will I know when everything is complete?
You are responsible for working on all these checklist items, but we are here to help you. You will be able to see your checklist on your TEAN online application and what is marked as completed. Get in touch with your Program Manager if you have any questions.