Fun Run Group at NAFSA.

Our annual TEAN NAFSA Fun Run returned for the 4th time this year to champion a new cause, Thai Freedom House.

TEAN made a donation on the behalf of each participant, plus the combined donations from participating conference delegates helped us raise more than $5,500 for this charity. This was an increase from last year and we hope to continue to grow it in years to come.

Thai Freedom House is an independent, non-profit, language and arts community-learning center in Northern Thailand. They are dedicated to assisting families and individuals who are refugees from Burma and members of minority groups in Thailand.

TEAN students visiting the Thai Freedom House.

This list below gives you an idea of how our donations can have an impact for this charity. While running the learning center requires a lot more than this, it provides a sample of how the donations help students.

  • 100USD a month will provide fresh soymilk, fruit and nuts to their young students everyday
  • 200USD a month will provide safe transportation to and from the learning center everyday for the students in a hired van.
  • 200USD a month will support the monthly utilities costs including internet for use in the classroom and office.
  • 250USD a month will provide basic school and office supplies for one 3 month term.
  • 300USD a month will support art and culture curriculum including occasional field trips and involvement in local/traditional art and culture activities.
  • 500USD a month will cover the rent expenses.

With the money we donated, Thai Freedom House plans to help support a mother’s group to meet at the center. This is a new group and was in need of immediate funding. The donation will also help cover frames for glasses. The local Rotary Club is already covering the costs of eye checks and lenses. Our funds can help cover the glasses frames, so now the project will be complete. Lastly, the donation will be put toward daily operations and helping run Thai Feedom House.

Thai Freedom House also has a cafe that helps supports the charity. We recently invited our TEAN Thailand Summer students to lunch at the café. Lisa Nesser, the Director and Founder of the charity, spoke with the group about the organization’s mission.

Lisa Nesser speaking to a group of visiting TEAN students.

Corinne Alberts, international relations major, from Michigan State University is taking part in a TEAN summer internship at Thai Freedom House.  Her role includes working in the office and helping out with day-to-day operations as well as teaching English two nights a week.

Corinne (middle) from Michicagn State University with Thai Freedom House staff during her internship.

Thanks again to everyone who took part. Please see more photos from the Fun Run and Thai Freedom House on the TEAN Facebook page.