You’ve made the choice to study abroad inThailand (you’ll love it!) and now it’s time to decide which accommodation to stay in. TEAN offers two different options for students to suit your living preferences: a modern student dorm or a new condo complex. Each option features fully furnished housing and lots of perks – both are about a 5-minute walk to the Chiang Mai University campus and surrounded by great food options – but one may be a better fit for you based off of your budget and lifestyle preferences.

Chiang Mai Dorm Accommodation

Previously, all TEAN students studying in Chiang Mai have lived in a cool off-campus student dorm sharing a small living room and bathroom with a roommate while still enjoying their own private bedroom. When staying in the dorm students have the option to request living with a Thai roommate for an even more local experience. This option is also the cheaper of the two housing types, so is a great choice for students on a tight budget.

Chiang Mai APARTMENT Accommodation

Now, you have the choice to live in a real condo in your own private studio apartment. Complete with an ensuite bathroom and small kitchen (including crockery and cutlery), you can also take advantage of the property’s spacious communal outdoor area and large swimming pool.

Pool area at Chiang Mai condo complex
The large pool is perfect for swimming laps. There is also a lounge area and small gym next to the pool.

The apartment complex is a good choice if you want to have a private room with more space and/or like living more independently than in student dorms. Since the complex is not student accommodation, you are free to have any guests over anytime.

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Condo housing sample room
All rooms come fully furnished.

Though you’ll quickly realize that you’re always close to delicious food in Chiang Mai, the apartment is a great choice for students who want the option to cook simple meals. While eating out in the city is cheap and easy, some students still like to prepare food themselves, particularly if they’re vegetarian or vegan. Thai street food is delicious, but often you aren’t in control of exactly what goes into it. Having your own basic kitchen gives you the ability to prepare your food your way.

Chiang Mai condo kitchen
The small kitchen includes a fridge, microwave and single electric hot plate to create your own meals.

Whichever housing option you end up choosing, you can rest assured that your room will feel part of the CMU community, close to campus and all that Chiang Mai has to offer!

For more information on our study abroad programs in Chiang Mai and/or the housing options contact one of our Thailand team or call us on 312-239-3710. See you in Chiang Mai soon!