When thinking about what I wanted to make of my study abroad, I knew that I wanted to travel around and see as much of Australia and other neighboring countries as possible during my 4.5-month journey.

If I had an unlimited budget, this would be relatively easy to do. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me…but I was still able to go almost everywhere I wanted to and stay in my budget!

Here are my tips for flying cheaply in Australia:

Search for Flights on Webjet

Webjet is a great resource for comparing different airlines and dates allowing you to find the cheapest flights available.

Use Budget Airlines

Tigerair and Jetstar are your friends! I almost always flew on these two airlines because they were the cheapest. If you’re in no rush, then flying budget airlines is the way to go. Just know you won’t be getting the best service and there’s a chance your flight could be delayed.

Aerial view of Sydney
“I always made sure to get a window seat when I went on my trips because the views were always amazing. This was on my flight from LA to Sydney and it was my first view of Sydney in person.” Valeria Burke, University of Iowa

Fly in Off Hours

A lot of cheap flights are at weird times where you’ll need to get up early or stay up late. For me, I found that 6:00 am flights were typically the cheapest. Booking an early morning flight not only saved me money but also gave me an extra day in my destination. I also flew to New Zealand once on a midnight flight and arrived early in the morning so then I had the entire first day to explore. Capitalize on days when you don’t have class.

Look at Last Minute Fares

Don’t be afraid to book last minute. I booked a round trip flight from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania for $60 just three days before the flight. .

Pack Light

Many airlines (especially Tigerair and Jetstar) have a strict weight limit for your carry-on bag. If it’s not going to meet the requirement, make sure to pre-pay for the extra weight before you get to the airport. If they catch you at the airport with a bag that is overweight, you’ll have to pay nearly double the price of if you would have prepaid online. Always make sure your bag is underweight…if not, put on more of the clothes you’re traveling with until the suitcase is light enough!

Sunrise at an airport
” had many early mornings and many late night flights but I don’t regret a single one. Every place I visited was absolutely incredible.” Becca Gibson, University of Arizona

Don’t Pre-Select Seats

Don’t choose a seat: choosing a seat costs additional money.

Travel Smart to the Airport

Choose a cheap way to get to airport, such as a public transportation or a bus that goes directly to the airport. Ubers or taxis can be costly from the airports. Also, check if your hostel or hotel offers transfer. Sometimes hostels will be able to pre-arrange rides to and from the airport for free or a cheap price.

Carly Levick (University of Michigan) studied abroad in Australia at RMIT University in Melbourne.