Looking for ways to live abroad, gain real-world work experience and pursue a career in environmental conservation?

Intern abroad in Thailand, Australia or New Zealand in unique placements that experience aspects of the conservation world while discovering the countries’ unique flora and fauna.

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Australia Environment Internships

Marine life in Australia - Great Barrier Reef
Internships are available in marine biology and conservation in Australia.

Australia’s diverse environments and ecosystems make one of the world’s most interesting places to intern abroad in environmental conservation. The land down under is vast and internships vary, but common placements include:

  • Working with an NGO in Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns to develop sustainable plans for the environment and National Parks across Australia. Your tasks may include looking into permit restrictions and finding achievable methods for seeking assistance for endangered species of plants.
  • Working with an organization to research and track endangered species such as dugongs (a marine mammal that’s related to the manatee) and assist with protection schemes of marine life. Perfect for students interested in marine biology and conservation, you’ll work closely with mammalogists to develop programs for communities to ensure that protection schemes are appropriate and sustainable. (Spring only)

These opportunities are competitive and open to third year students and above.

Learn more about environmental internships in Australia here.

Asia Environment Internships

While Asia is home to immense, varied natural beauty, conservation and sustainability aren’t always at the forefront of public issues and there’s a strong need to support conservation and sustainable development.

TEAN can organise environmental and sustainability internships across Asia in China, Japan, Thailand and Singapore in a variety of leading eco-focused organisations ranging from travel operators and NGOs, to environmental consulting firms focusing on green building, tech and more. .

Our internships team works closely with you to determine the destination, company and role that will be a perfect fit. Depending on the placements, tasks can include helping managers implement new sustainability programs (from admin work to organizing event logistics), supporting an organisation’s marketing or social media efforts, collecting and analyzing data to provide solid data on program impact, liaise with finance and other in-house teams to collate data related to a company’s carbon footprint, and prepare sustainability reports.

New Zealand Environment Internships

Kea endangered bird in New Zealand
The kea is the only alpine parrot and an endangered bird in New Zealand. Photo by Taylor Riordan, Washington State University.

You’ve seen the scenery in Lord of the Rings…now see, research and protect it firsthand! Like Australia, New Zealand is also home to a wide variety of unique landscapes, ecosystems and environmental concerns.

Some popular environmental conservation internships in New Zealand include:

  • Working with endangered native New Zealand species, such as the Chatham Island tui or kea birds, to help ensure their protection and development. Intern at a wildlife center working closely with zoologists, training to give Keepers talks to visitors to educate them about how to keep these species from dying out, and developing programs to ensure sustainable conservation.
  • Working at botanical gardens conducting research into plant sustainability and cultivation. Designed for students interested in conservation and environmental studies, or environmental science and ecology, this internship involves extensive hands-on project work and guidance from specialist botanists.

Learn more about environmental internships in New Zealand.

Not ready for an internship? We also offer a number of study abroad programs in environmental studies and sciences across Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.