Here at TEAN, we love New Zealand. From the welcoming Kiwis to wild adventure activities – and everything in between – New Zealand has captured our hearts and is an incredible place to call home.  Here are our top reasons why you should study abroad in New Zealand

1. Study abroad in New Zealand to choose from any course of study

From accounting to zoology, any major can study abroad in New Zealand. Don’t believe it? Use our Program Finder to explore universities that fit your major and interests.

In addition to world-class courses, New Zealand study abroad programs also allow you to pursue a host of unique academic opportunities. Take a biological science class that includes fieldwork and field trips at the University of Auckland, gain valuable experience with a part-time internship for credit while at the University of Canterbury or AUT University, study animal and equine science at Massey University, or even enroll in a wine science course at Lincoln University and spend time studying at the on-campus vineyard.

2. Study abroad in New Zealand for love of the outdoors

Incredible nature is one reason students study abroad in New Zealand
“New Zealand is a country where the mountains outnumber the people, the natural beauty outweighs that of anything we have created, and inspiration is never ending.” Brady Clarke, University of New Hampshire

New Zealand is well known for its stunning outdoor landscapes and fantastic hiking opportunities including these multi-day hikes known as the 9 Great Walks of New Zealand. Almost 30% of the country is protected land under the Department of Conservation, so there is no shortage of National and Regional Parks to be explored, some of which are even listed UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Given this great love of the outdoors, it’s little wonder why New Zealand is also one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. In fact, New Zealand uses around 80% renewable energy and aims to use 100% renewable energy sources by 2035. New Zealand is a perfect place to “Choose Earth” – one of our core principles – when studying abroad.

3. Study abroad in New Zealand to discover how great Kiwis really are

Did you know New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world? Once you’ve met a couple Kiwis, that fact won’t seem the least bit surprising. The people of New Zealand, commonly referred to as Kiwis, are known for being laid back, approachable and willing to have a chat with anyone. Being a student makes it even easier to meet locals by getting involved in university clubs and mingling within university housing. Side note: in New Zealand, only people are referred to as Kiwis, the other two ‘kiwis’ we usually think of are specifically called kiwi fruit or kiwi bird.

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4. Study abroad in New Zealand for the adventure

Study abroad in New Zealand to experience the adventure activities like white water rafting
Rafting over the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world – a 21 foot drop – in Rotorua, North Island

Aside from hiking in the remote, unspoiled wilds, how does bungy-jumping off some of those magnificent cliffs sound? If you want to spend your weekends leaping off of mountains and airplanes, coursing through canyons and rapids, or doing other adventure-based activities, then you’re headed to the right place. New Zealand is one of the adventure capitals of the world and offers you the chance to go skydiving, white-water rafting, off-roading, spelunking or even heli-skiing.

5. Study abroad in New Zealand to see as much as possible

Because of New Zealand’s smaller size, it makes seeing a lot of the country super accessible. Fly anywhere in the country and it will only take you a maximum of two hours to reach your destination. You’re also in a great location to explore more of the South Pacific – being close to Australia and Pacific Islands like Fiji, the Cook Islands and Samoa. Given your proximity to Southeast Asia, you also have a chance to spend your mid-semester break or end of program trip in nearby travel hotspots like Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

6. Study abroad in New Zealand to appreciate diversity and equality

Study abroad in New Zealand to experience cultural diversity
Street festival in Auckland | Photo by Tiffany Young, University of Hartford

New Zealand is a proud multicultural country and home to more ethnic groups than there are countries on the planet. Originally occupied by the Maori before the Dutch “discovered” them 400 years later, the country has been shaped by settlers from across the globe. Whether you’re a fan of world cuisines or want to learn more about indigenous Maori culture, you’re in luck. All TEAN students will get an introduction to Maori Performing arts during the TEAN Queenstown Orientation at the start of the semester, and there are unique academic opportunities in which students can learn more about Maori history and culture.

As if cultural representation wasn’t a badge of honor enough, New Zealand also has a stellar reputation for progressive women’s rights. The first country to share the vote with women, they’re now going on their third female prime minister.

7. Study abroad in New Zealand for the scholarships

Recognizing that studying abroad is a big financial commitment, TEAN offers a variety of scholarships including need-based, merit-based and diversity-based scholarships. We also partner with several New Zealand institutions to provide scholarships including Massey University, AUT University and the University of Canterbury.

The University of Auckland and TEAN partner together to offer two different scholarships for students studying specific subject areas, including The People and Place scholarships for students studying indigenous studies, anthropology, sociology or history, and The Choose Earth Scholarships for students studying in the field of sustainability or environmental science/management.

Education New Zealand also offers scholarships to students planning to study abroad in New Zealand, including  full tuition scholarships each year in partnership with GoOverseas, along with several travel scholarship awards. Learn about New Zealand study abroad scholarships here.

8. Study abroad in New Zealand #forthegrams

Hokitika Gorge in New Zealand student Instagram photo
“How GORGEous” Photo of Hokitika Gorge, and caption by Taylor Wilks, Rollins College

New Zealand is stunning. Home to a number of Instagram-worthy views, you’ll always be in the heart of the perfect backdrop to up your Insta game. For your New Zealand orientation excursion, TEAN will get you started with a getaway to the scenic Milford Sound, and we suggest you add other picturesque destinations such as Devil’s Bath, Lake Tekapo, Waiheke Island and the beaches of Abel Tasman National Park to your itinerary. Lord of the Rings fan? A snap at the Hobbiton film location is sure to score you all of the likes. To see for yourself and get further inspired, check out 14 Reasons to Study Abroad in New Zealand Inspired by Instagram.

Have we convinced you yet?  Learn more about our internships and study abroad programs in New Zealand here.