Griffith University library
Students doing work at the various tables in the Griffith University Gold Coast library.

I’m a person who loves school. I’ve always loved attending classes, meeting new students and teachers, and learning new things. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to attend college in another country.

When I first got accepted to Griffith University Gold Coast, I was both excited and a bit nervous. I couldn’t wait to surround myself with students who were born and raised in Australia, where I would be spending the next four and a half months of my life.

Still, I knew that there were nearly twice as many students at Griffith Uni Gold Coast as compared to my home school, Quinnipiac University. I also heard from many previous study abroad students that the Australian curriculum was much harder than the American grading system due to the smaller amount of assignments.

Griffith University campus
Some of the student art around GUGC.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it my all. Immediately, I noticed a few differences between American universities and Australian “unis.” While leggings and a sweatshirt is my usual outfit choice for class at home, I quickly learned that Australians get a bit more dressed up for class. I constantly saw students walking around in dresses, heels, and fancy sweaters. Learning that the Aussies like to look their best even for boring classes just added to my love for them. (I also started to get a bit more dressed up for my classes!)

I also noticed that Griffith Uni definitely had more places to grab a cup of coffee. From the Coffee Bug to the Coffee Cellar, I’m able to grab a latte basically anywhere on campus. Additionally, there’s a wine bar, a variety of food stands and cafeterias, and a student bar where my classmates and I can grab a drink or a snack throughout the day.

Coffee shop at Griffith University
Students buying coffee at The Coffee Bean on the GUGC campus

The library at GUGC is unlike any I’ve ever visited. Adorned with a video game area where students can kick back and play some Call of Duty, colorful bean bags lining every corner, and tons of cool tables and whiteboards for students to spread out their work and buckle down, the Griffith Uni Gold Coast library is pretty awesome.

Griffith University library games centre
Students playing in the gaming center in the GUGC library.

Walking throughout campus is what reminds me most that I have been blessed with the opportunity to study abroad. Palm trees surround me while the Australian sun shines down on me as I walk to class. As I pass students, I hear accents from around the world.

When I arrive in class, I learn from native Australian professors about music, literature, and history. Deciding to attend Griffith University Gold Coast was such an amazing choice, and I am having the best time continuing my college career at such a wonderful university.

Christina Sullivan is a student at Quinnipiac University and a TEAN Featured Blogger. Christina is currently studying abroad with TEAN on the Gold Coast, Australia.