TEAN Fall 2022 Featured Bloggers

Sam Radcliffe
Washington State University
Featured Writer
Bangkok, Thailand
Sawasdee! My name is Samantha “Sam” Radcliffe. I am a junior at Washington State University, majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice/Criminology and minoring in Spanish. Last fall, I received a grant to conduct international research for my honors thesis and decided to study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand to fulfill my dream of experiencing life as depicted in university-themed Thai Dramas. As I spend my time abroad, I hope to make lifelong friendships and memories as well as gain a deeper understanding of Thai culture than I could ever achieve from a book or a screen.

Alyesia Watkins
University of Pittsburgh
Featured Identity & Inclusion Writer
Bangkok, Thailand
Hi! My name is Alyesia and I’m a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m really excited to immerse myself in the language and culture while I’m abroad. I think that studying abroad can be a life-changing part of the college experience and a big interest of mine is to help make the study abroad experience more accessible to minority students!