We are excited to announce the winner of the TEAN Photography Scholarship for Spring 2022! Congratulations to Hailey Winschel, a photography major at University of Hartford, who will be studying at Korea University this semester.

Hailey Winschel

Hailey shares that “I genuinely love documenting the world around me. Whether it be a school event, protests, or hanging out with friends, I want others to experience it all, even if they are not there. Since I have never been abroad before, having the opportunity to document my trip and share it with others will teach me a lot and will give me better insight into how my photography can be impactful in my future career.”

Princess Bari (2021) | Hailey Winschel

We asked Hailey a few questions to learn more about her love of photography and what she’s most excited to see in Seoul.

What are you most looking forward to in your study abroad program? 

I look forward to learning about both the traditional and popular culture of South Korea. My courses will focus on media and communications as well as history so I look forward to seeing how it will influence my photography. 

Why did you choose to study abroad in Seoul? 

I have been inspired by so many South Korean photographers, so I look forward to taking inspiration and furthering my own body of work while in Seoul. I also look forward to seeing the landscapes and cities that are unique and different from what I experience at home.

When did you first start taking pictures? 

I started taking pictures around the age of 12, I would often use our family point-and-shoot to capture the nature around our house. When I was in high school my parents bought a DSLR camera. I started taking photography classes and that is when I began photographing more.

What made you want to pursue photography as more than a hobby? 

I never want to stop doing what I am doing, whether it is taking photographs or making prints in the darkroom, I spend so much time creating art. I knew early on that it was something I never wanted to give up on or be just a hobby, but something I wanted to pursue as a career for the rest of my life.  

What do you love most about photography? 

I love that photography is something I have access to 24/7. I take my camera with me everywhere, and as someone who primarily shoots film, it is just that more exciting to look at my negatives after processing my film. Having photography as not only as an art form but as a way to document my life and everything around me is a wonderful thing.

Simsbury, CT (35mm, 2021) | Hailey Winschel

We are so excited to see Seoul through Hailey’s lens this Spring! Follow her travels on Instagram at @haileywphotog and on her website. We will be featuring her work on our Instagram, @TEANabroad, throughout the semester, too.

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