Sydney Bridgeclimb
Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb

If I had to describe the perfect day spent in Sydney it would go something like this:

Wake up early and grab a coffee downtown before you head to the harbor to catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo.  The ferry is 3 levels, so you want to sit outside on the top level for an incredible view of the Opera House and Bridge. Sip your coffee in the sunshine and enjoy the 20 minute ferry ride to the other side of the harbor.

Sydney Harbour ferry

Once you reach the zoo, you take a zip line car ride all the way to the top to start your decent through the rest of the zoo. Admire exotic Australian animals like kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, and wombats. Don’t forget to get your picture with a cuddly Koala! You can also admire stunning elephants, lions, apes, and reptiles as you make your way to the end of the zoo.

Koala Taronga Zoo

After that, ride the ferry back to Sydney Harbor and enjoy lunch at the Opera House. You can sit outside on the deck and enjoy fabulous lunch specials by some of the top chefs in Australia! Afterwards take a tour or snap some pictures of the iconic building.

Sydney Opera House

Around mid-afternoon, check out some of Sydney’s amazing shops on and around George Street. You’ll find favorites like TopShop, UGG Australia, and Coach. Then there are the Aussie brands, like my personal favorites, Kookaii, Country Road, and Cue. With a minimum wage that doubles ours, the shops can get pretty expensive. So spend wisely!

Next, make your way back down to the harbor near The Rocks to experience one of the coolest things I have ever done. Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge at twilight! You will get a guide, gear, and the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy climbing all 1,437 stairs throughout the journey for a breathtaking view of Sydney while the sun goes down and the city lights appear.

Finally, end your day with dinner and drinks at The Ivy. This is one of Sydney’s most popular bars and entertainment venues. I recommend the pool bar on the 5th floor for drinks!

Sydney Ivy Bar

There you have it, my recommendations for the perfect day in the city. I was fortunate enough to experience all of this and much more. Sydney is truly a magical place.

Rachel Bonello is a student at Michigan State University and a TEAN Featured Blogger. Rachel recently completed a Summer Internship with TEAN in Sydney, Australia.