So, you’ve been in your host country for some matter of time now. Perhaps you’ve made the decision to take a trip somewhere on your own while you’re abroad, or maybe you’re still weighing the pros and cons. Here is some insight into various aspects of traveling alone, including why you should consider this solo experience.

Why travel alone in the first place?

Traveling alone is something that many people don’t even think of as option while they are abroad. The thought of traveling alone in an unfamiliar country can be extremely difficult to fathom. Why ditch that sense of security and peace of mind? Well, there are some things you should consider before entirely ruling this experience out.

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Great Ocean Road outside of Melbourne

You are the master of your plans

When you travel with friends, you most likely spend the majority of your time together. This means that a large factor of traveling with others is sometimes being forced to shift outside your comfort zone in terms of your budget for the trip. It’s a classic story to hear of someone traveling with a friend and having the other want to stay at a five star hotel instead of camping, or to hear the other person wanted to go out every night and spend all their money, leaving your ultimate wishes of exploring and adventuring impossible since you spent all your money out the night before.

You can prioritize what you want to accomplish

Maybe you are the type of person who wants to travel and be part of the nightlife scene and sleep in every day. Differently, maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and don’t want to spend any money on going out, but instead want to utilize your money in exploring as much as you can during the daylight and waking up to watch the sunrise every morning. Of course, there is always the possibility you fall somewhere in the middle and want to balance the two out. It is important to realize what you want out of this specific trip, and if it seems that you don’t have any friends who share the same general interests for the trip, this may be the time to consider doing it on your own!

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Exploring the city on my solo trip to Melbourne

You Gain a sense of independence

You are the one booking the flights. You are the one booking the accommodations. You are the one traveling this place all on your own. You get to have the ability to look back and say, “Yeah, I traveled to this place alone and I did all these things and really enjoyed myself”. The excitement that comes with telling people that you traveled somewhere alone is entirely something to own and be proud of. Others will hear your excitement for doing something so adventurous on your own and will be so happy for you. It’s also good to remember that since you’re traveling alone, it is very likely you make new friends either at your accommodation or during an excursion.  All in all, you are entering a new form of living by traveling alone, but you are doing so in order to get out there and see the world for yourself.