Looking to study abroad in Asia-Pacific, but can’t decide where to buy your next plane ticket? Well, get excited because we paired our recent alumni with one of our TEAN team members to share their top five reasons to study abroad in some of our most popular destinations! Here’s what they had to say:

South Korea

“It was the best time of my life and I feel like I was the best version of myself in Korea.”
Rafaela from Florida State, Seoul Alum

Watch this short to see why Rafaela was hooked on Hongdae!

Rafeala’s Top Five Reasons:

#1: The Culture
From K-POP to Hanbok, experience everything Seoul has to offer!

#2: The Food
Korean BBQ is a must…and you won’t be disappointed!

#3: The View
Whether you prefer the city lights or the majestic temples, there’s a place for you in Seoul

#4: The Shopping
From markets to shopping destinations like Hongdae, save some room in your luggage for all the extras you’ll bring home

#5: The Education
Go to the Harvard of Seoul & study at Korea University, one of the nation’s top schools!

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“I would literally wake up and walk to the beach for a morning swim and then go to class in the afternoon.”
Matty from University of Rhode Island, Gold Coast Alum 

Watch this short to see why Matty was stoked about the Gold Coast!

#1: The Beaches
Whether it’s the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay, or the Great Ocean road, there are SO many ways to enjoy the beach!

#2: Golden Hour 
Australia has some of the most incredible sunrises & sunsets! What a great way to start or end the day

#3: Easygoing Aussie Vibes
Immerse yourself in the “no worries” culture Australia is known for!

#4: The Wildlife
Kick it with Kangaroos & Koalas while experiencing the beauty of the wildlife of Australia!

#5: Top Notch Unis
It’s not all sun-rays & waves, Australia is home to some of the best unis in the world!

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“On any day off I had I would just walk around the city to see what temples I could find.”
Emma from University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Bangkok Alum 

Watch this short to see why Emma was so captivated by the temples!

#1: Off the Beaten Path
Take a non-traditional approach to study abroad & go on an adventure!

#2: The Food
Indulge in Thailand’s cuisine, whether it’s a savory curry or sweet milk tea!

#3: Temple Time
Explore all of the iconic temples of Thailand!

#4:  Elephant Education
Ethically vibe with these majestic creatures at Elephant Nature Park & learn about conservation efforts!

#5: The Views 
Fall in love with Thailand’s breathtaking beaches, jungles, & waterfalls!

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New Zealand

“The green screens are unreal in NZ! You think it’s fake, but it’s absolutely real.”
Betsy from College of Charleston, Dunedin Alum 

Watch this short to see why Betsy was a weekend warrior in the mountains!

#1: Weekends of Wanderlust
From Fiordland to Mount Cook National Parks, the trails are endless and will leave you wanting more.

#2: Laidback Island Vibes
Take a moment to reset from the hustle of university – whether it’s a quick surf sesh or an afternoon hike before classes.

#3: Sweet as Kiwis 
Connect with some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and learn the New Zealand way of life. 

#4: The Perfect Size
Explore the variety of diverse landscapes that make up New Zealand easily with the help of affordable & short flights.

#5: The Papers
Dive deep into topics like Tourism & Geology at some of the top universities in the world! Bonus: all of your classes are in English!

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Whether you’re looking to shop ’til you drop in South Korea or explore New Zealand’s majestic mountains, you’re bound to have a good time while studying abroad! Be sure to check out all the stories our alumni shared in their short clips and webinars!