Seeing our New Zealand students share photos from their semester abroad, we can’t help but think that it’s possibly one of the world’s most “Instagramable” countries.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorites so you too can see why you should study abroad in New Zealand.

1. You can camp at the foot of snowcapped mountains by pristine lakes

2. And stargaze where the stars shine the brightest

3. Because your weekend looks like this…

4. And THIS…

🏔Tranquility🏔 📷: @rachel_esch @teanabroad @hopeoffcampus

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5. Studying looks like this…

A good book with the best view of Auckland. #love #newzealand

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6. Because of LOTR. Enough said.

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7. Because hiking looks like this…

8. And this…

One does not “adjust” from a place so breathtaking as New Zealand

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Except the Kiwis don’t call it hiking, it’s “tramping”

9. the campuses are as beautiful as the landscapes

Apart from adventuring, I actually go to school 🙈

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10. even in the biggest NZ city you’re still close to nature

11. because it’s not just about the mountains  

 You’ll find out that the beaches are just as beautiful

And even when you’re at the beach… you’re never too far from a mountain

12. Because the locals are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet

Who accept and embrace diversity

13. you’ll face your fears and have the courage to conquer them

risked it all today

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14. And it will be the best 5 months of your life that you’ll never want to forget.

“New Zealand has been so much more than just a semester abroad. With each journey, I can truly say that I’ve had an eye-opening experience that’s expanded my view on the world. Time somehow moves the slowest and fastest here, and these past 5 months have flown by but have left an enormous impact on my life. Majority of this I attribute to the people I’ve met along the way, to whom I owe everything and some Cadbury chocolate too. The rest gets credited to the absolutely stunning country of New Zealand; Mother Nature definitely did not skimp out here. Taken at Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk).” Photo by @lolegorrec who just hosted an Instagram takeover on our account this past week, showcasing her semester in New Zealand. #TEANabroad

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