Ancient temples, traditional tea houses, leafy gardens, delicate handicrafts and even real-live geisha – Kyoto’s reputation for being a center of traditional Japanese culture, architecture, art and cuisine does not disappoint. Home to around 2,000 temples and 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the unique city beckons 55 million tourists each year to its history-filled streets. While Kyoto may be best known for its cultural and natural splendors, the exceedingly safe city is also surprisingly modern and a bustling hub of education and business with 150,000 students calling the city home as well as world-recognized tech companies like Kyocera and Nintendo. Here students can intern abroad gaining hands-on work experience in leading industries such as finance, architecture, fashion and more while soaking in the region’s distinct way of life.

Quick Facts


Close to the center of Japan

City Population

1.4 Million

Metropolitan Area Population

2.6 Million

Country Population

127 Million


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